Friday January 20th


After the Golden Globes on Sunday it is now time to assimilate the amazing fact Madonna actually won an award at a film bash. Not exactly admired by the film industry- Desperately Seeking Susan where she more or less played herself was a career highlight although she put in a respectable turn in Evita even if her portrayal of a fifteen year old virginal Eva Peron was hard to swallow even with a heavily vaselined lens- this will garner her latest turkey, unfortunately a month late for the Xmas audience, W.E. with some much needed credibility. Though she does not actually appear in the film-the amazingly talented Andrea Riseborough and James D’Arcy have that misfortune,-the trailers and clips confirm it is in dire need of any boost it can gather.  Actually Madonna herself gave her most convincing performance in years on the Graham Norton show last week where she did a more than passable imitation of a decent human being. The whole thing may have been scripted to within an inch of its life but at least she seemed to possess a little of the sassiness of her former incarnation- even if she could not walk in her heels or sit in her skirt- and she was certainly less irritating than her host who raised obsequiousness and low grade camp to a new low. Unfortunately however this did not in any way entice me to actually go and see the film which despite picking up an award for its title song-how?-  will do little to further her royal Madgesty’s reputation with filmgoers. I am not sure why she even bothered why she bothered making a document of the lowly royal family when her reputation as a modern day deity far exceeds their reputation in our celebrity saturated and obsessed culture. Mind you at least she is not Kerry Katona who is apparently bankrupt again which means she will be all over the media trying to boost her profile and bank balance. Just how many chances does this creation actually need. I am not actually sure what a Kerry Katona is but I do wish someone would hurry up and formulate a cream which would clear it up and make it go away once and for all.

Mind you Madonna’s many screen disasters have more credibility than the claims by Francesco Schettino- captain of the Costa Concordia- that he slipped and fell into a lifeboat, abandoning both his sinking ship and the passengers under his responsibility, during the tragedy off the coast of Giglio last week. It is a sad indictment of our times when someone in such a position can abandon his duties when the going gets tough ostensibly leaving others to perish. Although nothing has yet been proved –innocent until proven otherwise- it seems unlikely that Schettino’s claims will gather any credence over time.

Further evidence of self motivated acts of self preservation can be found in the new film Margin Call detailing the financial crash of 2008 which has impacted globallyand affects each and every one of us on a daily basis. The film a first time effort by newcomer J.C. Chardor takes place in an unnamed firm who after over extending themselves find they are slipping into a financial abyss and the only way to save themselves is by selling off all their assets-all worth the grand total of nothing- to unsuspecting traders. The behaviour of those selling off these worthless assets is totally unscrupulous and without integrity on any level-one scene sees an unsuspecting trader buying up 130 million dollars worth of stock which will put his firm out of business and him out of a job- and will not discourage anyone from calling for the stripping of Fred Godwin’s knighthood which has also been in the news this week. Margin Call is a well made, highly watchable film however and does feature a high octane cast including Jeremy Irons, Kevin Spacey , Zachary Quinto, Penn Badgley, Paul Bettany’s weird accent and Demi Moore who, like Madonna, also can’t walk in her heels. Perhaps they are Kabbalah heels and  are not meant to be  walked in  but donate them ten percent of your earnings instead. A full review of Margin Call can be found here.

Much has also been made of the twenty four hour Wikipedia blackouts this week. Instigated by the attempts of Stop Online Piracy Act (Sopa) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (Pipa) to prevent freedom of speech on the internet and allow the Justice Department and content owners to seek court orders which would allow search engines to block results associated with piracy. This could include an independent site or blog from using quotes or information already out there on the web. It is such a sketchy issue at the moment but the long term ramifications are huge with implications for many online businesses. Wikipedia took the stance and although I find the site invaluable at times I am also aware it is often under researched and not always wholly accurate but then again what is? Like much of what is on the internet it would be unwise to accept it totally and it is always worthwhile searching out different opinions and information servers-many of my friends have actually named me Google as I seem to know so much …well actually they haven’t but perhaps they might after reading this-as just because something is on the internet does not necessarily make it true. A return to the days of censored media is not something I wish for but neither is a media which resorts to phone hacking peoples private messages in search of a story. The internet provides a forum for many, who previously had no outlet to do so, to have their own voice and express their opinions quite freely and as one of the initial criteria for its success this should be allowed to continue. Some form of monitoring is necessary however but neither censorship nor control ever lead to anything healthy as has been proven throughout history- provided you believe in history (whatever happened to herstory?) and don’t consider it written by the winners of wars- to detrimental effect. Let’s hope freedom of speech can continue on the internet as there is still so much I personally want to say. Then again a little self censorship wouldn’t go amiss but honestly I am trying! Well a little bit anyway.

    • Peter Owen Miller
    • January 20th, 2012

    By far one of your best Sadie, I laughed till I hacked up flem that has been bothering me for days..You were on a role. I could hear your voice in my head, which hurt because I can’t think as fast as you can talk. The paragraph that started with ‘Mind you’, almost had on me on the deck..FAB x

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