Lovely Molly

Lovely Molly is directed by Eduardo Sanchez who co-directed the Blair Witch Project and he deploys that films innovative use of hand held video footage and updates it and gives it a new twist as this time it is the central character Molly- Gretchen Lodge- who manipulates the filming and the carnage as she goes into mental and physical meltdown. The film is more than just another schlock mock horror though as the audience is involved-through video footage- in the breakdown of Molly from happy newly wed to psychotic killer.

An ex-junkie Molly’s marriage to Tim –Johnny Lewis- shows her well on the path to recovery and having gained the strength to build a new life she feels confident to move into her childhood home which harbours sinister secrets from her past which are not quite so dead and buried as she believed. The downturn begins almost immediately after moving into the house but Molly is initially resistant to the demons which haunt her. After a while though the forces become too strong and gradually she succumbs and eventually she loses her new found identity in a blood bath of carnage and sheer brutality.

The action is suspenseful and the audience is constantly moved by the lush whispers of the soundtrack which seem to be Molly through her journey from loving wife to psychotic murderer and the music swells in time with her behaviour becoming ever more irrational. The action is slow and unwinding and never falls into pastiche even if camcorder footage is now almost a pre-requisite in modern horror it is used here in innovative fashion and to maximum effect.

Sanchez does a good job with his direction and the cinematography is sparse lending the film the feel of life in isolation and surrounded by woodland. It is a more than engaging film and the outcome offers no solutions but only more questions unanswered. It does rely a little too often on the garish for effect and to lend it an air of suspense and this will prevent it from becoming the cult classic it is so obviously aiming to be.

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