Young Dudes


This fast paced film directed by DJ Chen takes its title from the David Bowie composed hit song for Mott The Hoople and tries to invoke some of the elements of the glam rock era which that song encapsulated so succinctly. It is not its only connection with pop culture however as the whole movie feels very MTV orientated and utilises heavy visual cut ups interspersed with a great soundtrack mainly performed by Soler. By leaning so heavily on such visual and aural devices however something of the narrative is sacrificed and the film becomes convoluted and hard to follow but despite this at only 76 minutes long it does not outstay its welcome and powers along to its own conclusion.

What can be derived from the narrative is that central character Adam –Wang Po-Chieh- is greatly concerned regarding an impending apocalypse and together with two cohorts Guy and Adele- Tsyuboshi Abe and Larisa Barukova respectively- he creates Klaatu some form of virtual spacecraft. It is around this juncture that things start to lose any sense of cohesion as Adam, somehow separated from his two sidekicks, embarks on some form of psychedelic trip into a virtual world. This disorientation leads him into various predicaments which he has to somehow escape from and in so doing finds himself back in the real world with a different perspective to the one he had at the beginning of the movie.

The real strengths of the movie lie in the musical and visual interludes and the long building intro to the Mott classic really is a highlight which the rest of the film tries to capture but fails to match. It is a film which will appeal to a limited audience- I’m thinking teenage boys of the geeky persuasion- but it is still an enjoyable enough ride for anyone else especially if you sit back and drink in the music

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