Friday  June 29th


The last two weeks have been filled with the EIFF and as could have been predicted about an hour before the Festival kicked off a gathering of black clouds appeared in the sky and the rain poured. It has hardly stopped since. There must be something about the words Edinburgh and Festival residing in the same sentence which inevitably results in abysmal weather as anyone who has ever been here for the Fringe in August will be able to testify. Despite this the Film Festival has seen some great films and serious talents emerging and a full list of reviews can be found in the EIFF 2012 category on the right.

Standout films include the Festival opener Killer Joe, outstanding documentary Future My Love- which looks like it may win director Maja Borg an award- and the twisted, very black comedy love story Unconditional. Also worth catching is a documentary, with original hip-hop soundtrack from one of the participants, called One Mile Away detailing the ongoing feud between two rival black gangs in Birmingham. It is an intriguing piece of work which culminates in last summers riots and shows a community in search of resolve but unlikely to ever find one.

Went to see a band called New Tango Orquestra at a party in the Liquid Rooms the other night and they were simply astounding. Hailing from Sweden their music features heavily in Future My Love and helps that film achieve the right mood at many crucial junctures. The music is slow, building and positively breath-taking and the atmosphere as they played was almost one of reverence.

With rumblings about the X-Factor auditions in the press anyone who feels the same sense of dread about this dross cluttering up our screens would be well advised to catch a film called God Bless America at the festival. It tells a tale of a man diagnosed with a terminal disease who goes on a rampage killing the celebrity driven fame seekers who inhabit this media created world. It is beyond black humour but will strike a chord with anyone who wishes they had a gun loaded with bullets bearing names such as Gaaary Baaaarloooow, Simon Cowell or Louis Walsh. A full review can be found here.

As an alternative-or indeed addition- to the EIFF closing party on Saturday Night Gavin Evans is showing his very own, never seen anywhere before film from 1999 called Audition. Starring such luminaries as Oliver Reed-in one of his last performances- Ewan McGregor, Daniel Craig, Derek Jacobi and Michael Sheen amongst many others the film is showing at 10pm Saturday night at the Institute in Roseneath Street, It is one not to be missed.

Also at The Institute they have an excellent exhibition opening on Friday called The Doomen by Robert Ormerod which is simply stunning. The pictures capture the all-consuming world of  men- and one woman- who sleep, eat, and live for their pigeons. It is an interesting world which seemingly flourishes in some of the poorer housing schemes eventually becoming a necessary part of life for its converts.

Elsewhere the always excellent Neu! Reekie is on this Friday at The Scottish Book Trust. Back with another great line up including Liz Lochhead, Sue Tompkins and Scott Hutchinson of Frightened Rabbit it looks like this will be another memorable night to compete with the others.c

On the other end of the spectrum the Psychedelic Furs are on at the Liquid Rooms tonight. I really wish I could make this gig but it doesn’t seem likely I can fit it into myschedule. Shame, as I am sure it will be a great night

There was a slight let up in the rain last night but I notice it has very much returned again this morning. Maybe Edinburgh should simply cease having festivals- or at least calling them that- and see if that makes any difference to the weather. Doubt it.

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