Edinburgh International Fashion Festival


During the month of August when the International Festival/ Fringe/ Book Festivals are in full swing one thing which seems to get constantly overlooked –not least by a high proportion of attendees- is fashion. An art form in its own right and one which actively affects our daily lives in some form or other this is not only a glaring omission but also a grave oversight. This year however the arrival of the new Summerhall complex on the South side- a mere sashay along from the central hub of the world’s largest arts festival- this is about to be rectified as it is hosting the first Edinburgh International Fashion Festival between the 16th and 19th of August.

The four day event will hold talks, showcase displays and feature live catwalk experiences not only at the central base of Summerhall but also separate events at the National Museum of Scotland, Harvey Nichols The Danish Institute and the Institut Francais Ecosse. Long overdue on the Festival scene the idea of fashion as more than simply a way to clothe ourselves is not new to those within the industry and certainly has never existed in a vacuum anyway. This festival hopes to enlighten those previously in the dark how much science, design, art and architecture all conspire in the creation of the garments we use to adorn, decorate and protect ourselves with.

High profile fashion insiders and innovators including Jeurgen Teller, Stella McCartney, Pam Hogg, Hussein Chalayan, Amanda Harlech alongside many others are included in the line up and there are still others waiting to be confirmed so it is no thrown together ragbag of remnant garments but an event cut from the finest cloth. An essential section of the arts, it is good that at last fashion is about to be recognised as an important part of our daily lives and dictates not only how we look  but also affects how we feel, act and think on a daily basis.

A totally worthwhile event surely worthy of investigation during this vibrantly buzzing time of year when Scotland’s capital city is at its most exciting, this Festival is a more than worthy addition to the collective display of talent on hand. Let’s hope that the rain stays off long enough for attendees to wear something more than an outfit designed simply to keep dry/warm although being Edinburgh in August it may be wise to never venture out without an umbrella tucked away inside the prerequisite designer bag.

The Edinburgh International Fashion Festival is based at Summerhall between 16th -19th August.

Full details about individual events and further information can be found by clicking the following link edinburghinternationalfashionfestival.com

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