Martin Dockery presents Wanderlust- Gilded Balloon 1st-27th August (not 14th)

This one man show featuring Brooklynite Martin Dockery and directed by Jean Michele Gregory is a one man show doubling up as travelogue meets monologue. It is an extremely well scripted and intuitively nuanced performance from Dockery and as far as this genre goes it will be hard to better in the Fringe 2012.

The dialogue begins as Dockery realises his job has become his job so deciding to rectify the situation he packs in his temping job-which has become a permanent feature- and decides to take a leap of faith and embark on a journey with no specific plan or outcome other than it involves West Africa. Joined by a girlfriend- who is also of the temping variety in Dockery’s world- the adventures and traumas he then encounters , endures and eventually overcomes include writhing in the dirt in search of the meaning of life, tackling sting rays and finding himself in a vast desert with nothing more in sight other than more desert. It is a wild and exciting journey full of attention  to detail as well as trivial wayward thoughts combined with meaning of life epiphanies rubbing up against each other and neither providing any solutions.

The tale unravels using various pitches from calm diagnosis, wild hysteria and whispering silences punctuated by the realisation of thoughts and all these different emotions are handled expertly and sometimes within seconds of each other.

Never once stalling or faltering Dockery’s performance is faultless from beginning to end and with neither props nor elaborate stage sets it is his performance which drives the show so successfully. So intense and professional was his performance that even the ignorant audience member seated behind me who thought it was acceptable to answer his phone, carry on a conversation and then report details of that conversation to his friend in the audience did not detract from the riveting dialogue on stage.

 A definite mid-afternoon show well worth catching, possessing wit, intelligence and insight Martin Dockery’s Wanderlust uses merely spoken word to take you on an exotic journey which even managed to drown out- and more importantly actually help forget- the torrential rain that could be heard outside.


David Marren

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