Josie Long Romance and Adventure Pleasance Courtyard 6pm


Acting as her own warm up act as the audience files into the theatre gives some indication of the mischievous and brazen nature of Josie Long. Following on from her successful run at last year’s Fringe -when she provided one of the few stand up hours I actually enjoyed – this year’s show is a step forward and up.  Telling us from the off that the title had nothing to do with the subject matter of her allotted hour but merely a ruse to entice a certain type of audience it is hard to dislike her,even after she then informs us she swears a lot and uses the c-word several times in rapid succession.

It is not often a comedy act is intelligent, informed and relevant but Long manages to incorporate all three elements into her show seamlessly. The coalition government is still in the firing line for the bulk of her ire but Richard Branson and his propensity for buying everything in sight is also firmly fixed in her sights. Tesco and the Spice Girls are other targets in this extremely amusing show which cleverly disguises a well thought out routine as haphazard ramblings. Long has the talent and the likeability to pull this off however and it is mainly her strong character, indomitable personality and presence which are the main selling points of this show.

To divulge too much of her material would be unfair but suffice to say Long has researched her subjects well and seems to know and believe in what she is talking about even if it appears to be random. I have made a point of avoiding a lot of stand up this year as I find that few have the ability to sustain an hour long show. No such problem surrounds Long though, as it often seems as if she will never stop talking and could go on for hours and hours without faltering. A breath of fresh-if occasionally tourettes infested- air on the comedy circuit.


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