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The Boom Boom Club- Underbelly 12.30am


During August late night revelries in Edinburgh are really no big shakes. There is late night comedy, cabaret, drinking emporiums open until 3am and, of course, clubs optimistically aiming for a 5am closure. The Boom Boom Club from the London Wonderground manages to successfully incorporate all these elements- and then some- in this amazing show which must surely be the late night highlight of this years Fringe. No contest. It is a constantly evolving round up of avant-garde daring and freak show beauty transported to the whole top floor of the Underbelly-with its own bar without queues or their associated hassle- which although lasting three and a half hours, constantly has something to keep your imagination and senses flowing.

Entering into he vast expanse of the dance-floor -via two chambers in which absurdist dramas and situations appear to be being carried out- it seems as if you have wandered into a private party. The music is of the early rock and roll party and a sense of joie de vivre permeates and then the familiar intro to Kate Bush’s ‘ Wuthering Heights’ emerges from the speakers and on the stage a beautiful freak choreographs her way through the song in a dextrous and athletic way even La Bush could not have envisioned. After this it is back to the party but before long the festivities are punctuated by other spellbinding feats including a hula hooping slinky, Guns and Roses’ ‘Welcome to the Jungle, accompanied by a stripping fire-eater with the climactic finale of setting her tits aflame. It is all preposterous, fascinating and totally brilliant. Amongst all this fabulousness my companion found himself being married in a Southern style freak-show wedding which was sealed by a Jesus dildo.

There is also a separate forty five minute cabaret segment in a different room which you enter into in sittings. This evolves nightly but last nights four acts ranged from the absurd to the ridiculous whilst always being hilarious and entertaining. Thus we were entreated to ‘Sexy Time’ –an almost Neanderthal  seduction scene- ‘Juan in a Million’ –Spanish flamenco and comedy making perfect bedfellows- and the blood spattered grotesque of Betty Grumble whilst taking in some impromptu crowd-surfing along the way.

Not starting until 12.30 and finishing at 4 the beauty is you can come and go exactly as and when you please without feeling you are interrupting anyone else. The beauty of a bar separate from the rest of the venue means you don’t even have to interrupt your own enjoyment when you need your drinks refreshed. It is a truly amazing experience of which my only complaint is it could have been slightly busier-not too much though otherwise it would lose its intimacy- as when the cabaret is taking place in a different room the party area felt a little sparse. This is a minor quibble however as I don’t think there is a better late night show in town during Edinburgh’s busiest season. Treat yourself to a walk on the wild side!