Bourgeois and Maurice-Sugartits- Underbelly 10.15pm


There are often moments when reviewing shows which are not quite hitting the mark that I wonder at what point did the performers feel this was ready to take out of the rehearsal studio and onto the stage? Sometimes when it is a really bad show I wonder when did this really bad idea germinate and become discussed as an option to perform in public. Fortunately the cabaret styled Bourgeois and Maurice did not stray into the latter territory but unfortunately the sentiments of the former crossed my mind on a couple of occasions.

I am not sure where the problem lay with this act but I feel it is something to do with the fact it has not made its mind up exactly what it wants to be. It, on one hand, wants to be a little bit Scissor Sisters-the visual aura certainly suggests a Jake Shears , Ana Matronic vibe- whilst there is also the feeling they are trying to inhabit the same universe as Fringe stalwarts, and stars in this musical duo genre, Frisky and Mannish. Both are reasonable acts to aspire to however but somehow Bourgeois and Maurice fall short on several levels.

The first problem seems to be the lack of dynamic or chemistry between the couple. Maurice does not sit well in the role of being her partner’s stooge. A further problem was the songs were not strong enough in their own right and the comedy material not particularly funny or original. Matters were further blighted by bad sound which made most of the lyrics inaudible and as the bulk of their act relies on the latter this was unfortunate. This is the technical setback you would expect in the first couple of days not when an act has had a week to sort it out.

It is not all bad however as their vocals and instrumentation were spot on. The frantic dancing did detract a little but not enough to spoil things and their interaction and chemistry with the audience managed to keep them onside throughout the one hour duration of the show.

All in all Bourgeois and Maurice have a more than adequate show whilst although it is not all that bad and the sequinned costumes are all glitz, glamour and sparkle but unfortunately the rest of the act lacked sparkle.


  1. So that’s what a critic writes about a so so show… I wasn’t as polite, I still regret not, going on to the stage and battering him to death…just to make it stop..

    • nigel.
    • August 25th, 2012

    well i thought they were simply fab. we laughed all the way thru. you made our fringe!!

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