Asher Treleaver-:Troubador- Gilded Balloon 4.30pm


I must admit I enjoyed this show a lot more than I expected to. It got off to quite a slow start but  picked up and when it finished I actually thought it could quite easily have gone on another five to ten minutes without being overly drawn out. It is not often I can say that about stand up as usually I wish it went on for half the time it actually does.

After a recent brush with testicular cancer Treleaver reappraised certain aspects of his life and this forms the basis of the show as he refers to Edward De Bono’s method of using six thinking hats as mind tools to represent different moods and attitudes. Thus we have control, information, creativity, positive thinking and intuition. It is an interesting concept but Treleaver does not bludgeon his audience with rhetoric. Instead he utilises his admittedly humorous, lanky frame to great comedy effect even if he did stray- and he commented on this himself- into Russell Brand territory on occasion. It is this use of his physicality which is perhaps his strongest point. The two sequences involving ’Diablo’ –one for the women and a butched up one for the men- were particularly funny.

The tale relating to his testicular cancer was a taboo subject not many comedians could handle with such great pathos whilst simultaneously still being extremely funny. His physical enactment of the various stages required to achieve erection- and the methods deployed to prevent these stages occurring- were well handled (no pun intended) and very funny.

As said before the beginning of the show was rather slow to take off and for the first fifteen minutes I thought this was going to be just more of the same old stand up routines. Treleaver should perhaps think about tightening this segment up and therefore it may not feel so unfinished and hurried at its conclusion. All in all though it was superior to a lot of stand up I have seen in the past – I have kept it to a minimum this year for the reason it generally starts to bore me after a while- and is definitely worthy of your attention.


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