Double Edge’s Almost Nothing To Do With Frogs- Underbelly 2.50pm


I must admit at the beginning of this review that perhaps I am not perhaps the ideal person to be reviewing this show. Being over twenty five I felt more than a little bewildered by the youthful exuberance and dynamic of over excitement on display which lent it the feel of a student revue. There was such an enthusiasm and desire to be liked it was like a litter of puppies all wanting to be chosen for the family home and I kept looking down and expecting one of these over excited youngsters to be humping away at my leg.

Putting these thoughts into perspective however- I have in the past reviewed children’s theatre objectively and found it pleasurable despite being anathema to my sensibilities- I tried to locate my inner youthful being and settled into watch the show.

What followed was about fifty minutes of various short sketches which seemed to centre on finding a modern day writer in the vein of the classic ones we are all familiar with. Thus scenes involving Shakespeare and Marlowe followed as well as electro raps, blustery rock interludes and an incongruous-if amusing- appearance by Alan Sugar. The jokes were fast paced and the dialogue well constructed but somehow it all just seemed to miss the mark.

Perhaps one reason for this is that whilst other shows are midway through their run and have settled into their acts, this one is just beginning and the lack of familiarity with the venue and audience reactions was apparent compared to the more seasoned veterans of this Fringe I have seen over the last few days. I am hoping that the act will settle down into something more coherent as the run continues but must admit that on the day I attended I was slightly disappointed and after about twenty minutes kept checking my watch-never a good sign- to see when it would be over. One for the teenagers and twenty somethings then –and they do deserve something of their own at this time of year- but unfortunately for everyone else, a bit of a miss.


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