Heath Franklin’s Chopper: A Hard Bastard’s Guide to Life


This hard hitting show from Australian Heath Franklin would definitely be aided by a couple of swift drinks beforehand but this is not an absolute necessity-unlike a lot of comedy of this genre- as Franklin’s act is genuinely funny. He even avoided haranguing any latecomers and this is definitely a bonus in my book as I feel it is a lazy and irritating tactic far too many stand ups draw on unnecessarily.

As for the act, Franklin is quite prepared to pander to the beer swilling foul mouthed Australian stereotype with every second word a profanity, although the strong contender for his favourite derogatory term would have to be ‘fucktard’ which featured heavily throughout the show. Franklin’s casual couldn’t care less attitude is also a clever ruse as his act is very well structured whilst his improvisations with hecklers and audience members show that he is also very quick and adept at thinking on his feet.

Thus we are treated to tales of beer swilling Scottish children with mohawks and a surplus of phlegm, names of cocktails as outrageous sexual euphemisms, the intricacies and necessity of anal bleaching, and a rant about loud music in shops.

There is also a play featuring his first attempts at writing a script towards the end. This requires audience participation so be prepared for perhaps being pulled out your seat then thrown centre stage and into the action. This section was particularly impressive for the fact that one of the girls he dragged onto the stage proceeded to show a feisty side by pulling him up on his spelling. His other victim turned out to be a reviewer so this provided further comedy value.

This was very much a laugh out loud show and I must admit that although it is occasionally what is nowadays termed politically incorrect- soon that will cover everything remotely amusing- it is nevertheless highly funny because of this. Franklin managed the full hour and in amongst his rantings were some serious moral issues we should all consider. In the meantime just carry on laughing along with him.


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