Slice by Mel Giedroyc –Gilded Balloon 1pm


 This production of Mel Giedroyc’s dark comedy Slice is a oud, brash show which has moments of humour, moments of melancholy and moments of confrontation. Basically the tale of three sisters reunited for the first time after several years have elapsed, the drama unfolds as their comatose mother lies in the next room close to death. Revelations and putdowns are the order of the day with at least two superiority complexes engaged in battle with each other.

The three sisters in question-Victoria the spinster, Charlotte the maternal one with five children and wayward elder sister Madeleine- each harbour resentments toward each other. Gradually tales including their mothers adultery at Victoria’s tenth birthday party, varying opinions on parenting skills and resentments over stolen boyfriends all emerge with the repercussions that each of the sisters is in some way damaged through their convoluted  familial relationships.

The performances in this production however are not always convincing. I spelt some time trying to decipher why Madeleine spoke with a bad American accent occasionally lapsing into a Scottish brogue for no apparent reason. It became clear about halfway through that this was part of her character make up but unfortunately up until that point it had just served as an irritant. Likewise Charlotte’s insipid earth mother was a bit overplayed and Victoria’s hysterically baking spinster role was rarely believable. It is a drama of the old fashioned kind however so, in many ways, this is how it has to be played as it is what the material demands.

Slice is a bit like the sponge which is being baked at the beginning of the show. It is light, airy, and pleasant enough but half an hour later you have forgotten all about it.


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