Knee Deep-Assembly 7.30pm


This show quite literally begins by walking on eggshells and continues to maintain that level of tension throughout. Created by Circa who were last here three years ago this latest addition to their cache never fails to impress or astound during it’s one hour duration. It is a show which shows consummate skill combined with intensity and trust between the performers. It does not go for shock tactics or overt dynamics but is not any less powerful because of this.

Opening with the aforementioned walking on eggs routine-eggs figure throughout as a metaphor to remind us how fragile we as humans are and the danger the performers are constantly in- accompanied by a new age soundtrack the intricacies of the four onstage artistes is compelling and almost Zen like. When the music shifts up a notch to electronica from the Aphex Twin school of sound so do the movements and routines. Among the extremely visceral, exhilarating and jaw dropping routines we are then entreated to include a tightrope of interwoven human limbs-which one of the performers edges their precarious way along- gymnastic acrobatics performed on what appears to be the world’s four smallest bar stools and hula hooping which provides a moment of light relief. There are also some impressive modern trapeze acts, body percussion, back flips, forward rolls and each movement is performed with balletic poise.

Muscles strain and sweat drips and it is obvious that all of what we are witnessing requires inordinate strength and is pushing the naturally toned bodies –none of which look as if they are acquired by spending hours in the gym- to the very limits of their endurance. This only makes the show more attractive as the obviously intense nature of the acts being performed are not made to look easy and they obviously rely on a gargantuan amount of trust between the performers as one minor slip or loss of concentration could be fatal.

Knee Deep is a truly astoundingly beautiful show which will have you spellbound and holding your breath throughout. Exquisitely performed, the visuals and music merge beautifully and although it is seamless it always feels as if it is teetering on a precipice-like an egg about to drop and smash- and this only adds to the proceedings. When it was over, the standing ovation the four exhausted performers received was not just expected but totally necessary.


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