Truth-Underbelly –10.25pm


 This latest offering from Australians Slow Clap is a freeform storytelling show which has frantic shifts of pace and characters and, at times, is exceptionally funny. Hinged on the talents of Vachel Spirason who carries this show virtually single handed with only the smallest of assistance from fellow creator-or conspirator if you prefer- Stephanie Brotchie it is fast paced and slightly surreal collection of different tales which for most of the shows duration feel as if they are not connected at all.

Billed as a storytelling show-a point hammered home by Spirason continually for the first five minutes- it appears to bear very tenuous links to any storytelling you may have previously encountered. Instead we are introduced into different scenarios including naked men, being stranded on an island and probably the most surreal version of Copacabana and its star Lola you are ever likely to see. Probably the best of all is Juan-‘The Juan and only’- a flamenco dancer like no other. Attired only in his double layered underpants, white vest and a rose between his teeth Juan is a great comic creation and probably the strongest point and highlight of the show; so good he re-appears again later for a further appearance.

If the show does have a flaw it is that it seems to be stretching itself out a little and therefore goes on about ten minutes too long. The night I attended it actually exceeded its one hour duration so perhaps it had overrun on this occasion. It definitely has some extremely funny moments and Spirason is an extremely charismatic performer even if the crazy dancing routines become a bit predictable. It is worth seeing however simply for the ‘Juan’ sections alone.


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