Neu ! Reekie 21


Being the last edition of Neu! Reekie at the Scottish Book Trust, before moving to a new abode, this was always going to be an emotional affair. The line-up was certainly promising and opening with a tribute to the recently departed Neil Armstrong with shots of his historic feat set to REM’s paean to Andy Kaufman, ‘Man on the Moon’, it was an emotional journey from the outset.

After this opening moment which didn’t fail to resonate with everyone it was down to business as usual with the animation segment which admittedly is not my favourite part of the evening. This never prevents me from being impressed by some of the films on show however and tonight was no exception especially when-during the second outing- I was informed, by someone who knows something about such matters, just how impressive what I was watching actually was. Talk of the difficulty of getting time frames in sync with each other allowed me to see it through different eyes. That is part of the beauty of this night as it is as much about being introduced to new things as it is about what you already know. Or think you know.

Next up was poet Tom Leonard whose droll delivery and sharply observant but down beat nonchalant delivery provided the first of the night’s highlights. Marriage and the point of Liaison Co-ordinator Officers were among the targets of his cleverly observed commentaries. Paul Hullah followed this accompanied by Susan Mowatt on live drawing duties providing an interesting collaborative multi- media piece which hit all the right spots.

The first of the evening’s promised musical treats was up next with three quarters of Kid Canaveral turning in an acoustic set which had something of a lunar theme to it in keeping with the opening memories of Neil Armstrong. It is always refreshing to hear music in its rawest state and this set was no exception to that rule. Simultaneously soothing and uplifting it moved along at its own pace in no particular hurry to get where it was going. Unfortunately I missed the closing act Teen Canteen as I had another engagement I had to get off to and was already running late. This disappointed me as I have only heard good things about them and will make a point of catching them very soon. By way of-inadequate- apology I have featured a photo of them at the top of this article to try and make amends.

Somewhere along the way poet Tim Wells also put in an appearance but I can’t remember at exactly what point he appeared as there was just so much going on.

So that was that then; the last shout out by Neu! Reekie at the Scottish Book Trust.  It’s been a swift evolution from underground secret to one of the most talked about nights in the city. I have been assured that they have no intention of getting too big for their boots and, if honest, never thought this would be the case anyway. So with a two city header lined up for the end of September it may be wise to clear a space in your diary for the housewarming party of the season.

    • September 5th, 2012

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