Just an Observation Friday October 5th


So one year after his death despite several decades of speculation and rumours a programme focussing on the fact Jimmy Savile may or may not have been a paedophile who abused teenage girls and his position as a respected charity worker. The biggest surprise in all this –to me at least – is that it has taken so long for these allegations to surface and suddenly be worthy of investigation. I, myself, have heard these stories regarding his sexual proclivities for decades, even pre-dating the very real charges brought against, what would now seem to be a co-conspirator in his evil endeavours, Gary Glitter.

I know many will be saying this but there was always something about Jimmy Savile which indicated that his sexual tastes may lie in this unnatural direction. It says a lot against the power of celebrity if this is the main reason he was able to get away with such behaviour for so long. If those who are now making these allegations- and let’s face it there are too many of them with consistent testimonies to be able to deny it any longer- what exactly was it they were scared of? And if the abuse was allowed to continue for several years, as is indicated in some cases, then who was colluding with Savile in covering up his crimes?

Surely some responsibility must lie with parents, friends etc. as the acts cannot have gone unnoticed by everyone. There are simply too many for that to be true and Savile may have been powerful in the media world but why did no-one think to intervene when these stories began to emerge as early as the late nineteen fifties and early sixties.

There is a theory that in order to put some distance between the man and his crimes Savile embarked on charitable works not only to detract from what he was up to but also to assist him in his grooming of potential victims. This is almost as despicable as the crimes themselves and shows quite clearly the evil manipulative nature of this man.

It is ridiculous to think that he managed to get away with this throughout his lifetime with no-one actually challenging him. Especially as it seem there were complaints and tales doing the rounds.

As previously mentioned I had heard these stories years ago and even then never understood how he was able to get away with it. When Louis Theroux questioned him about during his documentary about ten years ago I thought then his denial was wholly unconvincing even though it seems that he had managed to convince himself he wasn’t, in fact, doing anything wrong as witnessed by his answers when asked about his friend Gary Glitter’s convictions. In his twisted way he tried to put forward the reasoning that Glitter was, in fact, a victim himself; apparently some twisted vendetta against celebrity and an elaborate ruse set up by the press to frame him was the cause of his downfall in the world according to Jimmy Savile.

I am not sure what a criminal investigation against Savile will unearth now and he can no longer be held to task for his hideous crimes but surely those who colluded and covered up for him should be brought to book also. It is unfortunate that the man himself cannot be put on trial-or even respond to the allegations- as it would be interesting to see how he would attempt to smarm his way out of them.

It is poignant that the other main news of the week has involved the heart breaking tale of five year old April Jones who at the time of writing has been missing for three days now.  I feel so much for her parents and although a man has been held in connection-though as not yet charged- with her disappearance I am sure the news that monsters like Savile exist and are allowed to get away with crimes against children will, at least, encourage anyone who has any knowledge of her whereabouts to come forward with information.

On a more upbeat note the French film ‘Untouchable’isworth catching although I am not sure whether I agree with the claims about it being the feelgood-how I hate that term- film of the century. If we are talking the 21st century and the last twelve years perhaps, otherwise it is still an excellent film which will stir your emotions and definitely make your day. A full review can be found here.

The last week has seen a successful shifting of venue for Neu! Reekie- full review here– as well as a screening of a new print of the Stanley Kubrick classic’ The Shining’ starring Jack Nicolson. This version is the original American release with restored twenty four minutes of previously unseen footage on these shores. Due to be released in the cinemas in time for Halloween a full review will be published nearer the time but suffice to say a film I have seen only on DVD –or television when the flow is interrupted with adverts- was a revelation in the cinema. It is worth seeing for this experience alone.

I am also curious to see the Beatles ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ film being screened for the first time since its disastrous reception in 1967. Although I fear it will be little more than a home movie made by over indulged rock stars on LSD at least most people nowadays will be seeing it in colour.  Part of the problem on its initial showing was the vibrant colours were unseen by a nation who were still, in the main, living a black and white existence rendering it little more than a rich men’s folly. I doubt the years will have been kind to it however but I am still curious as to just how bad-or misunderstood even- it will be and will be tuning into BBC2 on Saturday at 8pm specifically to see.

The Street in Picardy Place are celebrating their eighth birthday this Sunday with a party so I will probably be making my way along there to wish Wendy and Louise a happy birthday. It will at least prevent me from watching X-Factor as I succumbed and tuned in half way through last Sundays show and could not believe it when some monstrosity from Essex-do they all have orange skin and dayglo teeth?- had a meltdown-unfortunately not physical- on being told he had got through. The ensuing hysterics were quite unbelievable and I wanted to laugh but somehow what I was witnessing was simply too tragic to allow me to even do that. The hysterics went on for several minutes and disgusted as I was I fear I may be tempted to tune in just to see how he reacts when he gets booted out first-surely this is an inevitability-as if this is how he carries on when he is accepted then how will he react to rejection

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