Neu! Reekie 24

Neu! Reekie 24


The second instalment at new venue-Summerhall- and the queue at the door was testament to the continuing and ever growing popularity of this always interesting evening. Despite being held up as three new recruits were unable to discern whether they had booked two or three tickets- not that hard you would  think but their inability to remember proved otherwise- my initial mood at being kept waiting -queuing for anything is not my strong point- subsided as soon as the evening got underway.

Opening with a topical animated news report from Thailand about the recent Jimmy Savile revelations complete with three wise monkeys representing the see, speak and hear no evil  representing the three letters of the organisation at the centre of the scandal; the BBC. Following this more animation followed including an Ivan Maximov Russian piece and then a Japanese offering. Both were clever and interesting works and went some way towards breaking down my previous reservations concerning the animation segments which in the past were usually my least favourite part of the evening.

Next up was wordsmith John Hegley assisted by musical accompaniment of the percussive variety by Bill Muir. The set was impressive, highly amusing and Hegley drew the audience into his bizarre and wonderful sphere pretty effortlessly. ‘Bob’, ‘I am a Guillemot’ –complete with audience participation of choreographed head movements- and a new version of the Can Can all proved irresistible and the set was a huge success with everyone present.

More animation followed including more by Maximov and a deeply dark, disturbing and Halloween appropriate piece by Americans the Brothers Quay with a soundtrack which sounded like the Velvet Underground, they also provided another short which induced a sit down shimmy out of me. The latter is not always a good thing but I feel on this occasion it worked. Finishing off with a wildly trippy Looney Tunes work by Leon  Schlesinger the animation segment closed with me now being a convert to something I had previously dismissed.

Next up was poet Kevin Cadwallander- a last minute replacement for an act which had been snowbound in Fife- referencing Linton Kwesi Johnson, the defunct Co-operative brand of tea Indian Prince and a poem delivered complete with Dalek vocal inflections and an intonation of ‘Exfoliate. Exfoliate’.

Music was up next featuring James Yorkston who proved that once again an acoustic guitar, a heartfelt vocal and some raw emotion can wrap up the future and the past into one glorious package. The second number was an extended monologue which took on aspects of a Scottish interpretation  Lou Reed’s ‘Street Hassle’ and was quite spellbinding in its intensity and realness.

House-band Emelle rounded the night off in their usual fashion only this time specially decked out in Halloween fright night make up to add  something of the seasonal spirit to the proceedings. Then, bar the playing of Peter Sarsdet’s ‘Where do You Go to My Lovely’ for us to make our way out to, another successful night was all but over for this month though the next event -and last outing of 2012- is scheduled for November 30th and this is one which is most definitely not to be missed. .


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