Just an Observation Friday November 23rd


Well the last weekend before the Christmas saturated month of December is upon us already and my ennui regarding the festivities could not be any more pronounced. From what I have gathered amongst various friends it also coincides with a lack of funds so many are considering a quiet weekend or at least one which doesn’t involve parting with too much cash. Fortunately one of my favourite bars in Edinburgh, The Voodoo Rooms, are having their fifth birthday party tonight with a selection of free cocktails and food for early arrivals as well as live music from Soul Sensation. That is my Friday night sorted then.

Elsewhere this weekend for those on a restricted budget-that includes me- is Damenwhal at the Institute-Roseneath Street, Marchmont- which is basically a night of female musical performances. Featuring Hannah O’Reilly and Fish to Fry it sounds like an intriguing prospect especially as it is BYOB with a small corkage charge. It is however competing with the likelihood of me having a cocktail induced hangover and a double dose of The Killing3  on BBC4 but I suppose there is always iplayer.

Speaking of the new series of the cult Danish drama the return of Sarah Lund and her collection of fisherman’s sweaters and disoriented look every time that tinkling piano music makes an intrusion indicating one of her intuitive ‘feelings’ which usually turn out to be wrong  but at the same time on the right track. The new series opened with her questioning what this dedication to her career has cost her in terms of her personal life- her teenage son has all but disowned her- and opting for the safety of a desk job but it only took until the end of the first episode before she was embroiled deeply in her case and that deeply involved look was starting to cross her face at ever more frequent intervals.

Elsewhere this weekend for those on a budget there is a wide selection of films on at various cinemas with perhaps the latest Bond outing Skyfall  still essential viewing for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, although it has some competition from Rust and Bone directed by Jacques Audiard- of A Prophet fame which is one of my favourite films of the last few years- and starring Marion Cotillard. There is also the promise of Silver Linings Paybook which I hopefully will be seeing this afternoon. Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master is also showing and although it occasionally gets swept up in its own epic grandeur and pretensions features amazing performances by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix as well as some stunning cinematography. A full review of The Master here.

There is also the option of listening to a stunning new EP ‘Tower of Babel’ by Fiona Soe Paing featuring some truly beautiful imaginative and innovative electronica. A full review and a preview of said EP in its entirety can be found here.

That is it for this week and next week sees the countdown to Christmas officially begin not that I pay much attention to such things and usually avoid it to the point I can’t anymore. Matters are not helped by the fact that Chanel No.5 adverts which used to begin at the start of December start a little earlier each year- apparently the fact I know this is a bit like train-spotting for glamorous folk- and this year have the added confusion of featuring Brad Pitt-?- as well as an even earlier start than last year start. Until things reach the point I can no longer ignore them I will simply carry on as per (ab)normal.

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