Just an Observation Friday November 30th


Despite only consisting of thirty days I am unsure why this year’s November seems to have lasted an eternity and it has nothing to do with me trying to grow a moustache. Usually the run up to Christmas flies by-probably the best part of this time of year as it doesn’t add to prolonging the agony of the so called Festive season- but for some reason this year the last month seems to have dragged. I know I am not alone in thinking this as several friends have also commented on it. Tomorrow however sees us easing into December and then there will be no way of avoiding the eventuality of Christmas.

Before that though Neu! Reekie, tonight, have their last hurrah celebrating the end of a year which has seen them go from strength to strength. Tonight’s slightly premature festive celebration- Xmas jumpers are being encouraged as a dress code- has a line up which will ensure their reputation will sail forth into 2013 not only intact but probably even enhanced. Teen Canteen and the Pastels are providing the musical interludes whilst George Gunn and Emer Martin are helming the spoken word sections. There will no doubt be an impressive array of animation-of which I am a recent convert- and no doubt so much more. This looks like being a big one for this special night so it is advisable to get there early as the last instalment saw people being turned away.

Tomorrow night I am making an extremely rare excursion into Leith-the Parlour Bar to be precise- to see Homesick Aldo who has long been recommended to me by a friend. Describing himself as a contemporary bluesician Aldo-the doppelganger alter ego of Alan Smith- combines elements of Sonny Boy Williamson, John Cooper Clarke, the Cramps and Johnny Thunders a mix which assures I am sold before he has even played a solitary note. Actually news is just coming in that this gig is cancelled due to a solitary complaint about noise though there are some upcoming gigs in January which I will definitely be checking out. Until then here is a taster of what exactly has been missed:

This week I was also handed the impressive debut single by new Edinburgh band The Pineapple Chunks entitled’ The Power of Love’ which is a poptastic number along the lines of early Postcard releases by Orange Juice and Josef K but given a twenty first century contemporary slant. I don’t have too much other information about the band at this time but I will keep you informed of any upcoming live gigs or further releases as I feel they may be one to watch in 2013.

Also on tonight at The Institute in Roseneath Street in Marchmont is Ground Hum an evening of live experimental music which is also an interesting option if you are at a loose end this evening.

At the cinema this weekend is the new release ‘The Hunt’ which chronicles the plight of a kindergarten teacher who finds himself at the centre of a maelstrom of accusations of child abuse. Not having seen the film yet I can’t tell you too much about it but in the light of the recent allegations concerning Jimmy Savile it is quite a timely release and shows the other side of the coin from the accused’s point of view.

To finish off this week I would just like to wish a very happy birthday to The Rolling Stones who celebrated fifty years together this week. The eternal rock and roll survivors they celebrated with a live performance at the o2 arena which overran its curfew resulting in a £200,000 fine for the band which is some consolation to those who paid through the nose for their tickets. A full appraisal of the last fifty years for this enduring band who have seen so many changes in their lifetime and instigated several of their own can be found here. Here though is a little seen clip from 1964 which sees them perform the classic ‘Little Red Rooster’ and the worrying thing is not how young they all look but the fact that Mick Jagger bears more than a passing resemblance to Harry Styles from One Erection or whatever they are called!

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