Just an Observation FridayDecember 14th


I know it is almost Christmas because the drivel which is X-Factor is at last over and removed not only from our screens but also most other forms of media apart from the sadder aspects of this industry which still believes that such an over manipulated form of hype still has any relevance in 21st century Britain.

Like so many others I did not partake in this years underwhelming extravaganza which has dominated TV schedules every weekend since August. Being of an age where going out on a Saturday night is no longer a pleasant or viable option a little more consideration from TV schedulers alongside the fact this market is not entirely made up of families and cretins who alternate between trash TV and updating their Facebook status as every uninspired moment unfolds on the screen.

Sometimes scrolling through my Newsfeed after the weekend I am left with the feeling more normally encountered spending an evening watching a programme whilst an annoying companion chirrups away talking over every event in the form of  a much un-required commentary. I know it is modern phenomenon to share every fart, belch and bowel movement with several hundred acquaintances but it is also an extremely irritating and unnecessary one.

Don’t get me wrong there are several people who have managed to use Face book , Twitter et al in an amusing or informative way but really sharing what you have had for your evening meal or incessant pictures of pets- cat owners are by far the worst offenders here and exposure to constant feline ‘cuteness’ has had my hand hovering over the unfriend/block button frequently- is really something best kept to yourself or the very select few who may have actually expressed an interest. For anyone else it is little more than an incessant bore.

The ironic thing is those who feel the need to update their status several times a day whilst also talking all over others threads are also the ones who complain about an invasion of privacy and fall for every privacy hoax as if they are guarding state secrets rather than the fact they are stuffing a wood pigeon a week next Friday whilst uploading a picture of a talking cat posing with ersatz cheekbones and the traditional profile picture pout.

There has also been much complaining recently from people who promote their businesses through Facebook- and have done free of charge until very recently- about the fact they may have to pay for what is essentially advertising. Despite still reaching a sizeable part of their audience it seems this is not enough and the fact Facebook wants to charge should be considered an outrage.

Personally I have used social media-including Facebook- and it has been a great help in creating an audience but at the same time I realised that to take my business to the next level was now my own responsibility and required some  input from myself. I made this realisation before the new measures were introduced so see it as a natural progression. Facebook is a means of keeping in touch with people but it is also now very much a business and as such requires revenue to function like any other. It is also basically a free service and if you do not wish to use it then you are not obliged to. It may be a better idea to opt out if it bugs you that much rather than using it as a platform to slag it off. Which it still allows you to do- the evidence is on my newsfeed on a daily basis- free of charge by the way.

So with the ‘Bah Humbug’ mood firmly established it may be about time to think about Christmas shopping. This year seems to be very much a year when everyone seems to be in financial straits so it might also be the year when things go back to basics. I myself have cut back drastically refusing to  buy unnecessary presents which result in financial hardship and result in enforced evenings sitting in rather than being out enjoying myself. Surely the latter is the point of the season-alongside showing family and friends you care of course- and the best way of sharing rather than unnecessary gifts which usually no-one really wants or has much use for.

For those who still have presents to buy and are stuck where to go I can highly recommend both Iconic in the Grassmarket and Tippi in Bruntsfield for those original, funky and fun gifts at reasonable prices, I know I will certainly be making stops at both places on my festive travails over the next few days.

This weekend also sees us bid goodbye to Sarah Lund and the Killing-at least BBC4 have realised sosme people with more than a timeshare on their braincells stay in at the weekend- as the final series bows out this weekend. These three series’ have been something of a companion over many dark winter nights over the last two years and Danish drama has shown us how it can and should be done- see also the outstanding film The Hunt for further proof- and with heavy heart I will be wishing it farewell and ‘Tak’ ( my favourite word in Danish and despite continual viewing the only one I really know).

With only eleven days until Christmas I really should be feeling a little more festive but so far it is not kicking in. The frost outside is doing little to fill me with a warm glow but instead just making me feel like hibernating until it is all over. I have several outings planned for this weekend and next week sees me catch up with some lovely people I have not seen in years so no doubt this will stave off scrooge-like feelings and harmony and peace to all will be restored. As if!

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