Just an Observation Thursday January 25th


Well this is the last weekend of the first month of 2013 and so far the year has got off to a good start. With so much of the country suffering snow, blizzards and below freezing temperatures Edinburgh has got off lightly with only one lot of snow last weekend but other than that very little to complain about. Mind you it is not really any different to the weather we get during the Festival in August when freezing temperatures and rain conspire to create an atmosphere which usually fails to lift the spirits of anyone involved with or affected by this time of year.

There are however a few decent things on this weekend well worth investigating. First up is Neu! Reekies first foray into 2013 with a Mega Burns Bash special celebrating and relating to the famous Scottish bard in true independent and alternative fashion. Performers include founder Kevin Williamson, Jackie Kay and a special appearance by the Bum Clocks who combine the talents of Tam Dean Burn and Malcolm Ross with several others to create a special Burns related set. Add to this regular house band Emelie and it looks as if the Neu! Reekie experience is en route to maintaining the high standards they set themselves last year.

Saturday sees Miss Spin Presents at EUSA in Bristo Square and for only five pounds-plus student union drink prices all night- there is a package featuring six live musical acts and four DJ’s. Considering two of the live acts are the amazing Opium Kitchen and Homesick Aldo-who I was foiled in seeing at the end of last year due to a last minute cancellation- then I doubt that a better bargain is to be had for the rest of the year. There are also vintage stalls to peruse whilst the whole night is in aid of charity-Maggies Edinburgh and Marie Curie- therefore the whole affair is for a good cause so any conscience pangs you may feel about going out and enjoying yourself-as if- can be assuaged by the fact it is all helping others. Mind you I usually feel that every time I go out I am helping others simply by being there so any excuse to help I suppose.

At the cinema Spielberg’s heavily Oscar nominated Lincoln is out this weekend. Although it will no doubt contain a certain amount of lachrymose sentimentality-it is a Spielberg film after all-with a swooping soundtrack especially designed to create an emotional upheaval in all viewers. Considering the flying bike scene in ET still reduces me to simultaneous tears of joy and relief- I am quite inconsolable for hours after- this may not necessarily be a bad thing. Advance reports suggest the new film is a much more heavyweight affair-Schindler’s List was also weighted with gravitas- with a career defining performance for Daniel Day Lewis but I am still [packing a few hankies just in case. Now if only I could get that emotionally involved in real life issues I might be able to grasp a better perspective on reality. Then again probably not. A review will be posted as soon as the film has been viewed but until then why not check out Tarantino’s return to form-the big names all like to make an entry early in the year to stay fresh in the Oscar/ Bafta /Golden Globe voters it would seem- the incredible Django Unchained. A full review of that movie can be found here.

To add to this flurry of activity several new shops and at least one new interesting bar are to open their doors to the public in the near future. All news and appraisals of these new establishments will be featured in these pages nearer the time of their opening but rest assured they look like being interesting propositions and will provide Edinburgh’s burgeoning underground scene with new places to hang out and visit. About time too!

    • Murdoch
    • January 25th, 2013

    Homesick Aldo is extremely braw and was about the best thing I saw in 2012. He and the Bum Clocks should make for an excellent night.

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