White Rabbit


Sugar and Spice isn’t it Nice/ Luring Disco Dollies to a Life of Vice (Soft Cell)

Sex Sells! Fact!

Realising that our carnal lusts and deviances are what makes the world go round- what’s love got to do with it? – Heather Craig and erstwhile partner Jim Anderson realised that Edinburgh lacked a high end erotic boutique which catered for those who find high street emporiums, such as Ann  Summers little more than an end of the pier, oooh missus !, ‘Carry On’ nightmare  about as sexy as spam fritters, and subsequently came up with the idea of White Rabbit.

Situated in an ideal locale-the bottom end of Broughton Street- the shop which opens this weekend is an enticing labyrinth of erotica twinned with exotica cloistered between purple walls and lit by fringed red lighting which gives off the vibe of the sinister Black Lodge from David Lynch’s television outing, Twin Peaks and the claustrophobic sensual heat of the director’s earlier work Blue Velvet.

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From the moment you enter these premises it is clear you have entered into some fantastical otherworldly environment which bears little relation to the grey drabness of the outside world.  Cocooning- I stop short of using the term cosy- in its ambience  an old fashioned haberdashery counter, complete with drawers, adds further class to the whole set up.

Meanwhile shelves struggle to contain leather dog masks which jostle for space alongside erotic based literary tomes whilst see through underwear competes for attention with candles which turn to massage oil when they hit the body and quasi-religious masturbatory art works complement diamante tipped whips. A Dylan Lisle artwork dominates the wall with its commanding presence and other artworks, including pieces by Kirsty Whiten, will soon be joining it alongside an upcoming exhibition in the very near future. There is even an aphrodisiac perfume, Bijoux, which once sprayed permeates the atmosphere with its heady aroma creating an even more sensuous and semi- seedy ambience.

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Setting itself apart from its competition Craig has sourced designers not only exclusive to White Rabbit but to Scotland in general. Thus Theresa Coburn- who has provided stage outfits for  big name clients such as Siouxie Sioux amongst others- will make her exclusive designs available through the outlet. Other popular names include duo Paul Seville and Steph Aman whose stock will also only be available from White Rabbit north of the border. Tamsin Lillywhite who is a current major influence and name to drop  on the scene, due to the success of her equestrian themed pieces. will also be promoting and selling  her classy designs solely from these premises.

Other events lined up for the very near future include evening workshops covering such intriguing subject matter as Japanese Rope Bondage and burlesque dancing lessons as well as musical one offs. Whether Craig and Anderson will be deploying their own talents for the latter-they make up two thirds of the impressive local trio Her Royal Highness- is unclear but they are open to suggestions and encourage ideas as to what people may want from such an outlet and a sourcing service will be available once they are up and running and ,of course, they have an online shop in the pipeline just awaiting its final touches and amendments.

Unlike most of their contemporaries White Rabbit also cater for the male end of the market and will stock clothing and items which they can purchase for their own devices rather than just their-ahem- ‘wives’ and ‘girlfriends’. A daunting Fritzl style cellar is next on the agenda for an overhaul and will provide further space for future events but at the moment the focus of these two young entrepreneurs is fully on the main selling area upstairs on street level.

To launch the shop there is a party tonight complete with a window performance by the provocative and evocatively named Wild Card Kitty which will hopefully heat up an otherwise dark and dreary February evening.  The shop itself is open to the general public on Saturday February 2nd at around midday and every day after this for an experience which houses an environment like no other in Edinburgh at the moment.

White Rabbit 44 Broughton Street Edinburgh EH1 3SA is open from Saturday 2nd February 7 days a week from 12pm-7pm

Check out http://www.white-rabbit-edinburgh.com for further information and daily updates.

Visit their Facebook page here. https://www.facebook.com/pages/White-Rabbit/439219206151305

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