Just An Observation Friday March 8th

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A pretty slow week thus far, possibly the slowest since the year began. Even the previously spring like weather seems to have retreated and been replaced with what we associate more with the dreaded February. Hopefully though this is a temporary respite as the next few weeks hold the promise of several more interesting options but so far the only thing of note this weekend would seem to be Mothers Day and much as I hate to devote any of my attention to anyone other than myself I suppose if anyone is deserving of it I would have to concede it would be my mother. Actually anyone’s mother when it comes down to it.

Personally I have always thought of mothers as being a job for life-not so sure about fathers as I have a particularly fractured, possibly ruptured, relationship with mine and many friends confirm their attachment to their father is also less close and based on different values- and I suppose there is little in life more intimate than sharing a body with a person for nine months. These days I find it hard to share one mouthful of my Chicken Bhuna with anyone so despite the biological impossibility motherhood is a concept I find it hard to get my head around though looking at it from the child’s perspective I know it is a bond which is impossible to break whatever the circumstances.

Mothers are also often neglected and taken for granted and there is that point-usually around the teenage years- when they have to suffer the indignity of becoming an embarrassment to their progeny who have decided that no matter what, Mum is no longer cool or even necessary. It is a total fallacy however and despite this rejection which they usually have to take in their stride whilst still being supportive and doing their cooking and cleaning, as is expected, they do it all in the knowledge that the phase will pass and at some point their child will need them again.

Mother’s day then is a chance for them to be spoilt and be shown appreciation by their offspring. Over the years it has become yet another byword for commercial exploitation but more than all the others it remains true to its original premise. This is probably because it is not a celebration based on greed or competition- none of that who has given the biggest present claptrap which has all but ruined Christmas- and that is because most mothers are not looking for gifts but simply a chance to spend time with their children therefore a card, a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers will probably suffice. Mind you larger gifts will not probably be rejected or dismissed but they really are not necessary as it is a day borne out of love, respect and appreciation and as the years progress and friends around me lose their mothers it is perhaps something to cherish whilst you still can.

Right! Enough of the sentimental slop-too draining and time consuming- and back to normal then!

Quite a quiet weekend coming up for me as I have decided to hang my liver out to dry and give it a well earned rest as the first two months of the year have really put it through its paces so far. Aside of embarking on several new exciting projects of my own –details will be revealed as times, dates and venues are confirmed- there are also a couple of upcoming gigs over the next two weekends from two of my current favourite live acts Andy and The Prostitutes and Homesick Aldo.

Aldo’s gig is next Friday and at a small venue but exciting and bigger plans surrounding this future star are in the pipeline. Meanwhile the Prostitutes are playing two gigs over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd with the first at the Phoenix in Broughton Street and the second at The Institute in Marchmont. Bringing their new show ‘Adventures in Porno Land’ to Edinburgh for the first time after successful try outs in London it looks as being as riotous as previous excursions and anyone who has seen this band before will know it is not to be missed and those who haven’t well you just don’t know what you are missing. You really don’t!

Today looks like being pretty miserable and before I devote my attention to my mother I may take a walk on the wild side and go and see Oscar winning film Argo if only to see what the fuss was about and whether it was a deserved winner or simply Hollywood power play at work. I think I know the answer to this already but who knows perhaps I will be surprised. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Much more of interest is ‘The Ballad of Mott the Hoople’ on  BBC4 AT 10PM tonight detailing the rock and roll lifestyle and tragedy of a great and underrated band that David Bowie loved so much he gifted them ‘All The Young Dudes’ before he had even made it big himself and at the time was consigned a one hit wonder three years after ‘Space Oddity’ had been a chart hit. An insightful film into the machinations of a great time in rock music it is a fitting document to the time it depicts. Check out a full review here.

So that is it for this week and what with today being Women’s Day and Mother’s Day on Sunday it may be time for everyone to get in touch with their feminine side or at least acknowledge that it exists.

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