Neu! Reekie 30

Neu Reekie 30


Off to a punctual and perfunctory start amidst the sounds of rolling waves this month’s Neu! Reekie commenced with little fuss and swiftly moved into the first animation sequence of the evening  with a piece about the industrial monotony of daily living accompanied by an automated mechanical soundtrack. Next up was an Irish work ‘Bare’ which dealt with the metaphor of eroticism and romance showing it up as the ridiculous notion it actually is but which we all resort to anyway. The French ‘Robes of War’ followed this using symbolic metamorphosis in a thought provoking and clever way.

After this impressive start the first of the spoken word performances was next on the agenda in the form of Douglas Dunn who turned in  understated readings about subject matter as ‘Pests’ and ‘Apples’ with seemingly little fuss but just the right amount of nuance to translate the necessary emotional feel and response.

The next sequence involved female animation-the subject of the female was prevalent throughout the evening as containing both Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day the month of March is extremely female-centric and should be recognised as such-and the first piece showing a yarn of wool unravelling was simultaneously sweet and captivating. Following this was Joanna Quinn’s ‘Bulldog’ which elicited grumblings of discontent from my companion at its demonising of Bulldogs and the observation that Chihuahuas are actually more dangerous. Whilst I am unaware of the facts I concur that they are infinitely more offensive especially when in the hands of Paris Hilton, the cast of Towie et al sp recognise she had a valid point. A more in depth Claire Lamond film about the far reaching effects of asbestos poisoning adapted from a short story by Anne Donovan concluded this section in a melancholic, touching and humorous way bringing the animation squences of the evening to an impressive close.

The second spoken word act of the evening was David Kinloch with alternative Easter themed readings focussing again on female aspects and perspectives. Thus we were entreated to biblical portraits of ‘Lilith’ and ‘Sarah’ –the spouses of Adam and Abraham respectively- followed by the cringing aspects of ‘Snip’ about circumcision, which saw at least half the audience wincing at the very thought, ‘Ruth’ which touched on fidelity and finishing with ‘Virgin’. Again another understated performance which relied more on the assuaging of the words rather than any pyrotechnic dynamics in their reading.

The first musical act was former Vaselines front-man –amongst many others- Eugene Kelly in a solo acoustic performance which was emotionally heartrending stuff. Simplistic with clear delivery of thoughtful and incisive lyrics it proved yet again that in the right hands an acoustic guitar and a sincere and authentic delivery can have more power than a whole arsenal of electric guitars and stack of amps.

Closing the show tonight was my new current favourite-all girl- band Teen Canteen. Coming on with indie credentials firmly in tact they manage to combine the teenage angst of the Shangri- La’s  infused with Spector heart beats alongside the simplicity of Young Marble Giants and the anthemic, fighting their way out of a rabbit-hole, intensity of Arcade Fire. A new song debuted tonight ‘Honey’ featured my favourite lyric of the year so far ‘I am red when I want to be purple’ which dripped with youthful heartache, hopelessness, despair and disillusion capturing all the emotional intensity and yearning of ‘Leader of the Pack’ in one short ,sharp beautiful moment. The encore ‘Under my Cover’ proved conclusively that here is what everyone is really looking for; a band to actually fall in love with.

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So that was it for another month and as usual with this night it was different from the previous outing and no doubt the next one will shift the pattern again keeping their always satisfied customers on their toes. For those who cannot wait that long however they are heading out to the wild west with their Holy Show in Glasgow on April 13th  featuring a full set from their very own super-group Jesus Baby and a pretty impressive line up all round. One not to be missed I do believe!

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