The Breakfast Club


Walking around town over the last few weeks my eyes have been immediately drawn to several billboards and posters with snippets of witty remarks surrounding black bold face set against pure white proclaiming TBC which I assumed was an acronym for To Be Confirmed. At first glance I surmised this was the powerful use of subliminal advertising whetting our appetites for further information which would be revealed in the very near future-which it was- but then a chance encounter and an invitation to an exciting new venue which sets out to up the ante of city centre nightlife and live music revealed that TBC actually also stood for The Breakfast Club.

Taking its name from the eighties classic movie The Breakfast Club is the latest brainchild and project from Warren Deighan who has played an impressive role in different styled ventures on the Edinburgh scene  over the last twenty years. Perhaps his most notable contribution is that he is the individual who created the original Honeycombe venue in Blair Street- now known as Cabaret Voltaire- and from there extended his repertoire to include Pop Rokit –The Street-, gave the Vaults a much needed make-over-confusingly renaming it the Honeycombe and now referred to as the Hive- as well as a short tenure at The Southern in South Clerk Street.

Getting bored with the scene which he in part created and had a huge input into Deighan stepped back out of the limelight and withdrew from a scene he considered to be on its dying legs ten years ago around the time clubbing lost its real impetus and showed little or no sign of progressing. Incidentally he reached this conclusion around the same time as myself and we both saw a scene which had once crackled with energy, enthusiasm and vitality being replaced by tired, predictable DJ’S and promoters who were just involved in the alcohol and drug sated manipulation as their punters were. Thus no new ideas were being offered up and stagnation and ennui set in.

Taking a few years off from the scene – family bereavements and emotional upheaval consumed much of his time and energy in this period- when Deighan eventually made forays into Edinburgh nightlife again he was shocked and disappointed to discover that ten years on from that boring and disillusioning time very little had changed. Believing that perhaps it was maybe him who was too old his opinions were completely revised after stumbling into the underground evening which houses several different factions of the city’s arts community on a regular basis once a month, Neu! Reekie.

What this evening taught him was that Edinburgh still had a burgeoning underground scene where ideas and concepts are exchanged and worked on by like –and even not so like- minded individuals. Re-invigorated by this experience he set about enlisting the services of some of the people he met – Neu Reekie’s Michael Pedersen and Carla Easton  are both heavily involved in the new project – and listening to what they had to say and what they were actually looking for in a night out and most importantly what they were willing to contribute.

Like Neu! Reekie  The Breakfast Club will house a very broad church but the similarities end there with live music and club nights-not featuring the Jurassic DJ’s who I have often complained about who refuse to move over and give the scene a chance to grow- which promise a new scene ushered in via a new generation with ideas of their own.

There is a clear sense of the back to basics ethos which has been missing from the Edinburgh scene for nigh on a decade, before clubs became just somewhere else to go for a late night drink, drawing on a time when the music and crowd were what was actually important but with its sights aimed squarely on the future. The idea of a club as an exclusive-but simultaneously inclusive to like minded souls- enclave for people to congregate and have a good time is what lies at the heart of this venture and the experience from Deighan alongside the enthusiasm of his team combined are what makes The Breakfast Club an essential addition and necessary kick up the arse to a flagging Edinburgh scene which has not only rested on its laurels, at times falling into a narcoleptic state, for far too long.

Opening this Friday April 5th The Breakfast Club is situated at 45-47 Lothian Street, Edinburgh.

 Open daily from 9am -3am

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