Just An Observation Friday April 26th


 So much for spring then! The arctic chill of winter may have been replaced by warmer temperatures but the inclusion of gusting winds-making a state of dishevelment the only viable fashion option- and regular interludes of heavy showers further complicating things. At least it has been possible to lose at least one layer of clothing and the obligatory scarf, gloves and hat essential to the winter wardrobe can be laid to rest, even if only temporarily if last summer’s weather was anything to go by.

A little bit of sunshine did however arrive this week in the form of Daft Punk’s new single Get Lucky featuring Niles Rodgers and Pharrell Williams which draws from the heady days of Chic and will be packing out floors in clubs, at parties and weddings etc. for months to come. Ignoring all the superfluous remixes which immediately followed in its wake the original is a sublime piece of irresistible electric funkiness which bodes well for their long awaited upcoming album, to be released in mid-May, Random Access Memories.

Musically 2013 would seem to be the year of the great comeback with many artists who have absented themselves for too long stepping back into the limelight with more than worthwhile offerings. Aside from the French duo-who haven’t released new material since 2005- the return of David Bowie has overshadowed all other comers and the album The Next Day can hold its head high with his seventies meisterwerks showing that a sixty six year old nicknamed the Dame by the music press still knows how to make an entrance and steal the limelight from all the young pretenders.

Whilst Nick Cave has not been away in any real sense his latest album Push the Sky Away has also emerged as one of his best in a long, illustrious and ,in the main, consistent career. Every song on this collection drips with the haunting glacial beauty and inherent darkness one would normally associate with a Cave opus but to add to this he has embraced production techniques to add a new layer of depth and intrigue taking the album to another dimension and garnering it a sense of longevity and individuality.

 The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have also embraced the studio craft at their disposal and their album Mosquito is a natural progression from 2009’s It’s Blitz and is perhaps their most complete album yet. It is however contender for worst album cover of the year and it is lucky the music contained within manages to dispel this image quite so convincingly.

 Daft Punk are not the only band releasing long awaited material in May as Primal Scream debut More Light , their new album, a week earlier following the success of their blistering and topical 2013 single and with the supremely talented Laura Marling poised to release her fourth outing at the end of the month the soundtrack for a perfect summer should be more than in place. If however the weather lets us down- and it is the UK so the likelihood is high- at least we will have some great music to accompany our inevitable moaning about it.

 The news and social media over the last ten days have been full of the Boston Marathon bombing and I must admit that although there is something suspect about the whole situation-one supposed perpetrator dead and the other facing the death penalty-the conspiracy theories and theorists are becoming slightly tiresome. Americans are particularly adept at rewriting history-usually via movies see Lincoln and Argo- and they usually leave few witnesses as Kennedy’s assassination and Marilyn Monroe’s still suspicious death both revealed but us Brits are no slouches in this department either. Princess Diana’s death had more than its fair share of doubters and Thatcher’s death last week saw a virtual rewriting of a time I grew up in and remember very differently. I only watched about five minutes of her funeral and actually questioned whether they were burying the right woman so removed from my recollection and image of her was it.

 It would seem there have always been conspiracy theorists and theories and there always will be. History is written by winners of wars and those who control the media-it is worth remembering that up until just over one hundred years ago only an insignificant portion of the population were literate therefore history lay in the hands, perceptions and agendas of those few- and that perhaps the only way to approach it is with a certain uncertainty.

 Here to take us into yet another weekend is that uplifting new song by Daft Punk so put on your dancing shoes and prepare to hit a dancefloor. Stuff history it’s the future we have to live in!

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