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Edinburgh nightlife has been in a despondent state for several years now: same old venues, same old DJ’s and same old generic styles. It has taken awhile but the creators of new night Rammed-this Saturday July 6th at the Speakeasy in the Voodoo Rooms-are ready to launch a night which incorporates the excitement of live music within a club environment and hope in the process to put some life back into Edinburgh nightlife. Its creators are hoping to re-ignite the interest of some of the people who helped make Edinburgh a worthwhile clubbing experience in the past whilst drawing in a younger crowd who are frustrated at what they are being offered elsewhere. Hopefully somewhere in the middle the generational shift will collapse alongside musical and ageist prejudices.

 The policy is no policy other than style and good taste and this is quite an ambitious coda in a town which-let’s be honest- can quite often fall into patterns of stability and predictability.

 The opening night looks set to rock out with the raucous , riotous and totally perverse sound of Andy and the Prostitutes who took the Fringe by storm last year with their show which played nightly in the Phoenix. Although having had a difficult last few months head prostitute Andy Mackay was convinced enough by the project to reconvene his merry band of men for the event and they have rehearsed rigorously. Imagine if The Pogues had been born on a porn set then you have some idea of the musical terrain they inhabit.  At one rraucous show I attended last year their song ‘I’m Too Pretty For Prison’ prompted such misguided behaviour from one audience member he thought he would try out the sentiments expressed in the title for real. Unfortunately he wasn’t!

 Saturday will also see proto-superstar Homesick Aldo reveal a new act which he has been studiously rehearsing for several months now. Previously very much a one man show with just him and his harmonica creating a beautiful calamitous racket, this time other elements are incorporated but all will be revealed on the night. All I will say are that among the brand spanking new originals debuting on the night are ‘Electric Stars’ and ‘Talking Stranded City Blues’ but look out for a cover of the Gun Club classic ‘Jack on Fire’ to really raise the roof!

 The DJ’s involved in the project are no less important than the bands however and the ambience they create is crucial to the success of the night. The Baron and Anna Kissed both promise slinky, sleazy and sexy sets which delve into different genres, eras and styles carefully selecting then stirring them into a cauldron to cook up a cacophonous musical stew.

 Although this is the first night of Rammed, talks and plans are already underway for the next one with slight changes each time. A return date for November at the Voodoo Rooms is already pencilled in but other options, including the possibility of different venues, are being considered in the meantime. Hoping to create an atmosphere similar to early clubbing experiences-when people actually made an effort to dress up and actually spoke to each other in between all the sneering-there is already a buzz circulating about the opening night however and if everything goes as planned it should be a very exciting and glamorous night. Be there!

Rammed is at the Speakeasy in the Voodoo Rooms, West Register Street Saturday July 6th at 8pm.

    • Valerie
    • July 4th, 2013

    Gosh! Do I have to speak to people..scary concept!

    From iPhone. All the best Valerie xxx

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