From Where I’m Standing


This intriguing, adventurous and imaginative new play by Sarah Henley and Kate Robson-Stuart may ne difficult to keep once with at times but it is well worth the effort anyway. Directed by Oliver Kaderbhai who also acts as the central protagonist it consistently keeps the imagination wired and the senses ticking and the rest of the Delirium group-Michelle Luther, Miranda Menzies, Shamaya Blake and William Hartley- do well in supporting him in their often multiple roles.

 Spanning a thirty year period with early scenes taking place on the day-and night- before Labour led by Tony Blair came to power after eighteen years of Tory rule. Diving in and out of different time frames-including the present day-it becomes clear that communicating with each other takes on a different face with each introduction of new technology. Thus we are able to see how social media takes us away from our original primal need of communication and interprets and refashions our words and intentions for its own needs. Therefore the need to reveal a hidden past lies at the crux of this tale though at its conclusion the only communication that realLy holds any emotional sway is a hastily written postcard.

 The use of a sparse set which houses some impressive technological features which are adapted into the narrative assists this production in gaining an impressive identity all of its own. A cinematic soundtrack merely assists the dramatic flourish on display and affords it a sophistication which complements the witty verbiage.

 This is an extremely assured production which shows a maturity beyond its participant’s years. If I had one criticism it is that on occasion it tried to be a little too clever with itself and this made it at times difficult to follow exactly what was going on. Other than this a worthy addition to the Fringe 2013 which so far has seen new peaks in drama compared to the last few years.


From Where I’m Standing is at the Undrrbelly at 1.20pm until August 25th

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