So far my run of Fringe shows for 2013 has been pretty outstanding but I was aware that my run of excellent shows had to end at some point. Unfortunately that moment happened pretty much within the first few minutes of this David Byrne written and directed production of Kubrick3 as  I found  four people playing different facets of the same character-Alan Conway-an irritation rather than innovation. The high standards I have thus far encountered this year may have spoilt me but I felt that this show fell short of what outstanding drama could be. It was all not bad however as some of the observations were quite wry.

 The drama revolved around a non-entity of dubious background who in order to spice up his otherwise mundane existence decided to start telling people he met that he was Academy Award winning director Stanley Kubrick. Despite knowing nothing about him, not resembling him in the slightest or even being American it was a ruse which seemed to work for him over  three year period with few questioning his identity. Eventually his masquerading as the director was discovered and the media , public  and even Kubrick himself was fascinated by the impersonator and his outladish chutzpah and thus we have this play.

 This production fell short on several levels for me. I do believe there is a good play about Conway’s impersonation of Kubrick in this story unfortunately Kubrick3 is not it.


Kubrick3 is on at The Pleasance  Courtyard at 7.10pm  until August 26th


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