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This new play by Miriam Battye and performed by Tap Tap Theatre is an intelligent and thought provoking work. Focussing on the introverted and unsure of himself Frank who lives in chosen seclusion with his controlling and manipulative lover-and former teacher- Syrus within An all consuming relationship  until he decides to address the issues  which have been holding him back and place them in a fact based fictional novel.

 Ignoring his family’s pleas-his sister Bianca is their spokesperson- Frank seems destined to languish in the confines of his stifling relationship until Suze arrives. Previously having only communicated on a literary forum Suze recognises the talent in Frank’s writing and encourages him to take a more serious approach to it much to the chagrin of Syrus who feels as if his control of Frank is slipping through his fingers as having demolished his confidence it threatens him to see someone else building it up again.

 Things continue to get better and better for Frank and his novel has interested parties in publishing who want to bring Frank into their circle. This merely threatens Syrus’s position further and matters are only exacerbated by the return of Bianca who by being extremely dominant in her criticism of Syrus only makes Frank more steadfast in his vow to stay true to the lover he has thus far given everything else up for.

 This is an extremely frustrating play as all the way through the audience is aware of the machinations of those around Frank and can see what he is unable to because of a total lack of self confidence. Only Suze seems to see him as an individual and although the part is played almost as a comic turn she is the one who he should be taking seriously as she makes the most valid points and observations.

 Extremely well acted and simply directed this is a very good piece of early afternoon drama. The cast is young but extremely capable and they treat their material and each other with respect.


 Men is at the Wee Coo Bristo Square at 12.05pm until August 26th

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