Steeped in tragedy and myth this play by Salka Gudmundstottir set on a remote Scottish island is intense and atmospheric. Essentially a two hander from the Sodid Svid Theatre company it is a strong production with a stripped back set and raw emotions on show leaving the dialogue and performances pretty much  naked .

 Daniel, a journalist, arrives on the island with the intentions of discovering some local insights to a recent tragedy involving several youngsters who drowned at sea in a freak accident. His personal history is inextricably linked with the island as his grandmother was an inhabitant many years before and he uses this fact as a way of trying to gain the trust of the locals. Shortly after his arrival he encounters Sunna who is hostile toward him from the off and immediately they enter into a volatile discourse in which we discover that her personal involvement and emotions concerning accident are close to home. What follows is that various wounds and emotions are opened, with Sunna in particular being very confrontational and guarded about what she reveals. Daniel eventually manages to gain her trust and she starts to reveal her innermost pain and thoughts to him but matters get disrupted and take a turn for the worse again when she discovers he is a journalist eking out information for an article he wants to write. No matter how much he protests and tries to reason with her that it is a sympathetic piece, Sunna simply refuses to listen.

 This drama is a very adventurous and stark work. The dialogue is always interesting but at times the tendency for scenes to get too shouty-shouty was distracting as the words were hurled forth with such velocity that it was hard to make out exactly what emotions, other than anger turned up to ten, were on show. It is still an intriguing production though and the cast more often than not carried the depth of the work toward its conclusion satisfactorily.


Breaker is on at Underbelly at 2pm until August 26th

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