Ten out of Ten


I have to start this review by saying I went into this show not having a clue what it was about and left it none the wiser.

 Billed as a 21st century ‘Death of a Salesman’ I am still trying to work that connection out although it does focus on achievements and ambitions and if these things are important to you then perhaps the whole thing will make more sense. It was certainly very important to the girl sitting next to/in front of/ behind me –there is a lot of shifting around so this was the same person- who threw herself into everything with gusto, boundless, enthusiasm and commitment; in such a way it was almost scarily so. I am assuming that she is either extremely successful in everything she does or-much more likely- she doesn’t get out often enough.

 Opening with a game of Pass the Parcel- the height of sophistication- we were off into an hour of go karting, weddings, someone called Jennifer, confetti throwing, tea and biscuits, lots of chair turning and musical interludes. The whole thing rounded off with a line dance cum hokey cokey thing which saw Miss Boundless Enthusiasm enter the paroxysms of pleasure and almost taking off on a trans-atlantic flight.

 Although I didn’t really understand the whole thing- narrative didn’t seem important although it is carefully and very cleverly constructed and thought out- it was still quite an enjoyable show. Personally I don’t enjoy many interactive shows as I feel they rely too much on input from the audience but this one was okay and at least they didn’t try to demean the participants. Unfortunately it didn’t quite register as ten out of ten for me…more of a three out of five!

 Still haven’t a clue what it was about though!


 Ten out of Ten is playing at Assembly on the Mound at 4pm until August 26th


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