Liz Lochead :Apple says Aaah and Other Poems


Taking to the stage in typically unassuming but commanding manner Liz Lochead needs no introduction before launching into Edmund Morgan’s ‘The Apple Song’. It is a fitting opener and manages to get the audience onside from the get go with its insouciant charm mixed with her unique delivery and nuance.

 Following on from this is an anecdotal tale concerning her school days which conjure up memories and happy times and provide the next poem her own-and show title- ‘Apple says Aaah’. The schooldays theme continues with further tales which make her memories as vivid to the audience as they clearly are to her and his segues nicely into Adrian Mitchell’s ‘Back in the Playground Blues’. Or at least it would have if an audience member hadn’t taken ill and the room had to be evacuated whilst the situation was dealt with.

 Disaster averted –and hopefully the patient taken care of and road to recovery- Lochead continued as a trouper should and charmed us all further with a reading of Robert Burns’s universally famous ‘To a Mouse’. She then delivered a Burns styled 1979 poem in the voice of a self created character-Nettie Abernethy- ‘The Life of Mrs. Riley’ before moving onto a totally waywardly amusing catalogue poem about Aunty’s followed by one about a range of wall paints named after famous artists;Vymura.

 Introducing saxophonist Steve Kettley onstage she added a little light background music to her next few poems. One about Ira and George Gershwin called –fittingly- ‘The Gershwins’ led into another called ‘Like Another Rolling Stone’ before her closing verse the humorous but evocative ‘In Praise of Old Vinyl’ which avowedly paid tribute to vinyl albums –or LP’s as she reminded us a previous generation referred to them- which was brilliantly delivered whilst Kettley’s riffing of the likes of ‘Heart of Glass’ and ‘Superstition’ only consolidated.

 This is an excellent lunchtime show and Lochead is consistently engaging, funny and charismatic whilst remaining totally down to earth. There is another play on at the Assembly Rooms called ‘God Bless Liz Lochead’ and you really can’t say fairer than that!


Liz Lochead:Apple Says Aaah is at the Aseembly Rooms at 12.15 until August 26th

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