Superbard: The Flood


This charmingly constructed show of apocalyptic scenarios narrated by Superbard- aka George Lewcowicz- in various guises including nerdy Graham, Graham’s housemate’s boss plus a soft core indie electro musician called Adam all involve their personal tales of impending doom via computer games in the upcoming flood of the title. Drawing in random factors such as computer games, misjudged presents social ineptitude and a Brixton afloat on a rising sea , it is a barnstorming effort which never lets up during its hour long duration.

 Lewcowicz has obviously put a lot of thought into this show and seems to direct the technological back up which highlights his words. He is amazingly easy to listen to and his Radio 2 voice is well suited to this kind of spoken word event. It is strange then that he chooses to read constantly from a scripted pad rather than memorise some of the lengthier sections as some of their potency is lost as he seems to be trying to multi-task on many occasions.  The show would be better served if he engaged with the audience more rather than trying to manoeuvre himself into several different roles all at once.

 On the occasions he does lend the audience more of his one on one attention the results are extremely favourable. There is a rousing version of ‘The Animals Went in Two by Two’, a healthy amount of self deprecation  and my personal favourite-not- a singalong chorus for us all to join in with. Somehow Lewcowicz manages to make the latter less excruciating than usual  so top marks to him for that alone.

 This is a great lunchtime show and it is good to see the Underbelly including a spoken word event as they are proving more and more popular with audiences than they have done for years. ‘Superbard: The Flood’ merely confirms this upswing and deservedly holds its head high above water in the esteemed sea of company it keeps.


Suoerbard:The Flood is on at 1.10pm at the Underbelly until August 26th

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