The Inventor and the Escort


Opening to the strains of Frank Sinatra this ‘adult Romcom’- God the feelings of dread that phrase arouses in me- this lunchtime show  manages to incorporate some of the clichés associated with the genre but somehow also rises head and shoulders above it by having its own charms including a raunchy but not too obvious script. It even has the audacity to mention as well as parody elements of what could be seen as its companion piece, ‘Pretty Woman’. What really holds it together here though are the two performances by Jessica Moreno as Julia nee Maggie and Jaret Sacrey as Jeffrey.

 Set in New York during a particularly bad blizzard the dram unfolds around an encounter between the lonely and insecure inventor of contraptions, which could only be described as enhancing certain sexual practices, with an escort he has hired to perform a highly specific sexual encounter with him. Arriving in a flurry of snow and wearing a cloak of hostility Julia is initially wary of Jeffrey’s intentions and remains unconvinced by his assertions that he doesn’t want anything too ‘outlandish ‘ from her. As the scenario progresses her iciness melts somewhat and eventually they both drop their guard and start opening up to each other thus a professional relationship starts to take a far more personal turn.

 ‘The Inventor and the Escort’ is almost a perfect lunchtime show as it is raunchy enough to titillate and amuse but not unnecessarily so as many others try to be. The performers have a definite chemistry and you can empathise with Jessica’s initial frostiness as well as Jeffrey’s shyness and insecurities even if their back stories sometimes straddle the borders of cliché. It is full of witty, sharp repartee whilst the pace of the whole scenario grows organically rather than being too forced.


‘The Inventor and the Escort’ is on at the Gilded Balloon at 12.00pm until August 26th

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