Just an Observation

Now that the winter is finally taking hold and my hibernation instincts are in full flux it would seem evenings in are becoming more de-rigeur. An exception this weekend is Rammed at the Voodoo Rooms on Saturday night. Featuring a live set by band du jour Teen Canteen this looks like being the place to be on Saturday as this live music/club experience attempts to recapture some of Edinburgh’s glory days of clubbing and music before everything got mainstream and blanded out.
There is definitely an underground vibe to the whole proceedings and this essential element is something sadly lacking in most other nights in the city at the moment. It is also a club which takes its objectives seriously and actually provides that genuinely eclectic mix of music and people so many offer but ultimately fail to deliver. So if you are looking for a night out offering glamour, interesting people and great music then .I suggest Rammed may well be the night out for you this weekend.
Next weekend has Joy as its main clubbing event and this one also looks like a biggie. Tickets have been flying out the door and the night is definitely the subject of much discussion around town. It will certainly be a chance for a generation of clubbers-many of who have fallen by the wayside due to that little thing called ‘life’ closing in on them- to catch up.
Personally I am undecided whether I want to go and for much the same reason was unable to decide whether I wanted to go and see Bryan Ferry or Mott the Hoople, both who were playing on the same night live this week, as sometimes things belong in the past. Meanwhile my memories, alongside the records, are still something I cherish whereas the grim reality of seeing pop stars past pensionable age is something I could live without. It is not as if either of those acts has done anything relevant in the last thirty five years anyway. Also the thought of being stuck in a crowd of all the not so young dudes fills me with dismay rather than anticipation.
Out on the cinema front Gravity floats above everything else out there at the moment and whilst it is the amazing effects which carry it rather than any plotline or acting skills, these alone are well worth your attention. I was looking forward to The Counselor featuring a stellar cast of Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz and Cameraon Diaz but early reports suggest it is a turkey. Likewise The Butler which hosts itself under the civil rights banner and had the potential of providing a relevant and interesting piece of American history appears to be –from the trailers I have seen at least- tarred with the ‘Downton Abbey’ brush and has as much relevance to the majority of Americans as this outdated stiff costume drama has to the majority of its British audience.
Here to take you into the weekend here is the video of the new Teen Canteen single ‘Honey’ and you can catch the band performing this and many other treats tomorrow at Rammed.

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