Just an Observation Friday February 7th

Now that the January blues have passed and we are already one week into the-mercifully- shortest month of the year a slight glimpse of spring in the form of longer days and milder temperatures signify the end of what has been not too bad a winter. At least as far as Scotland is concerned although an inhabitant of the country’s waterlogged and battered coast lines may beg to differ. It is also around this time of year when the social calendar starts to ramp itself up and the next few weeks certainly promise a lot worth going out for.
The first of these events is tonight at Summerhall where as part of the venue’s spring visual display offerings is a well deserved tribute to photographer Colin Jarvie. As an instigator of the Edinburgh scene in its nascent years before defecting to London and a successful career Colin established a lot of friendships which endured right through until his untimely death at the very beginning of 2013.
This exhibition is brought to the public courtesy of Neu Reekie and as part of the private view there will also be a performance by the Sexual Objects as well as a toast to the man with their very own Neu Reekie brand of whisky which I sampled-quite extensively according to all reports although I have little memory of the occasion- a couple of weeks ago at their celebratory Burns bash.
Proving it is hard to keep those pesky Neu Reekie guys down, founder Kevin Williamson also has a Donna Summer themed exhibition-Love to Love You Baby- of eight short films which I am reliably assured will do the Queen of Disco proud and it is whispered that sequins and hot-pants are essential and prerequisite items for maximum enjoyment to be attained.
There are of course other artists on display and the whole thing is open to the public as from Saturday so it is definitely worth checking out as this arts complex seems to be going from strength to strength.
I am being dragged out of town this weekend to the fair climes of Falkirk to view the Kelpies by a friend who has become obsessed with these equine sculptures which stand 100 feet high. Must admit I am looking forward to this as I had never heard of them until recently.
Also this weekend the release of yet another film loaded with Oscar nominations and based on yet another true story, ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ gets an official release. Starring Matthew McConaughey, who in his re-invention from hot torso hunk to serious actor rendered himself almost unrecognisable by losing over three and a half stone to attain the right look of someone suffering from AIDS, has received as much attention for weight loss as he has done for his performance. It was initially hard for me to take McConaughey seriously when he first embarked on more serious roles –previously he was more famous for his ripped torso than for any great acting achievements- but this film combined with his smaller but still memorable role in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is certainly doing what is required in his renaissance as a credible and gifted actor.
It would seem that Facebook is awash with different tests to find out where you should be living, what breed of dog you are, which pop star you are- I got Elvis, Courtney Love and Kylie so work that out- and even what sex toy you should be. There have been IQ tests- I managed genius level in one solely based on numerology and equations and I know nothing of these things- and I now know that I am 100% middle class and at the same time 100% leftie and have revealed the twelve records which have meant something to me through the years. To cap it all there is now a link to a collage/film detailing your time on Facebook and at this juncture I wish to say enough is enough although this morning I couldn’t resist finding out which David Bowie character I was; Ziggy Stardust as it happens although this is probably no great surprise to anyone who knows me. I now know more about myself than I will ever need to know so I can only imagine how others must feel; apart from baffled which I suppose suits me somewhat, disclosing that I am even more wilfully perverse than any of these so called ‘tests’ could ever manage to reveal.
Hard as it is for me I am attempting to stay out of the Winter Olympics debate. Boycotting seems like such a good idea but gay people in Russia and protesting sympathisers need as much support as they can get being up against a regime which is ignorant, misinformed and in some cases quite insane and therefore wildly dangerous. The situation is diabolical and totally primitive. Russia needs to get in touch with the 21st century before the world leaves it and its prejudices behind.
In contrast gays in Scotland were granted the right to marry this week in a huge step forward in equality.Whilst i AM All for equality and happy that those who feel they need it now are one step closer to attaining it I am confused as to why the church after centuries of excluding gays are now so willing to accept them and also why those who have been excluded feel the need to be so grateful for what is basically a human right. Perhaps heterosexuals and the church realise there is something fundamentally flawed in the whole concept of marriage and are looking for a bit of gay input to put a bit of glittering sparkle into a dull and outmoded form of commitment.Either that or they are looking for someone to blame for it all going wrong as is the case in most marriages!
Other upcoming events include the Lux Lives nights –in both Edinburgh and Glasgow- next weekend-more details to follow as soon as I have them-and the first of two Rammed nights with the Fini Tribe on the 28th. February may be a short month but this year there is certainly plenty to pack in during that four week time frame.
Here to finish off this week is the one of the two new Opium Kitchen single tracks-‘We Will Be’- coupled with a sleazy video which more than captures hthe dark dramtic flourishes of this excellent number. The other track ‘Hommagination’ is just as –if not more so- powerful and talks are underway for the band to do alive set at Rammed in the late spring/ early summer. If this comes off it will be yet another night not to be missed.
First though we have to get this socially packed February out the way and tonight at Summerhall is as good a place to start as any!

  1. A free download called Facebook Purity allows you to block certain posts….like FB Lookback…..thank God! And no I’m not on commission…

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