Lux Lives and Tav Falco

This Friday sees Valentines Day-that day of schmaltz and slushiness-descend upon us yet again. However if you are no fan of all things fluffy-unless it is faux leopard skin- preferring ‘roses are dead, your skin is blue’ as a romantic couplet to the usual mush then I suggest you embrace your inner darkness and take it for a stroll in your skin tight snakeskin apparel along to Lux Lives,The Valentines Day Massacre in Edinburgh’s Henry’s Cellar Bar where a celebration of the late Cramps genius hosted by Colin Duff will be in full hedonistic, malevolent, primal beating and guitar twanging swing.
Starting five years ago- a mere ten days after Interior’s untimely death from Aortic Dissection- this night has garnered strength to the point as many would be punters were turned away as actually got in last year. There is even a follow up gig the next night -Saturday the 15th- at McChuills in Glasgow for those who can’t make the Friday date.
The line up for both these nights have some common factors-for full details follow the links at the bottom of the page for both shows- and amongst the many bands and artists performing songs the Cramps played and were inspired by are Bucky Rage, The Fnords, The Liberty Takers, Geek Maggot Bingo, Fanny Pelmet and the Bastard Suits and may other suitably named deviant types. A particular coup for this year’s line up is Sterling Roswell who was in the original classic line up of the legendary Spacemen 3.
For lovers of all things Cramps –and let’s face it who with a beating rock and roll heart does NOT love the Cramps- there is even a Lux Lives EP and a special very limited edition box featuring said EP, a specially commissioned T-shirt, a reproduction of the band’s first business card and several other items to be revealed on the night.
Riding in tandem with this event is an appearance by Tav Falco and the Panther Burns at the Edinburgh Voodoo Rooms on February 12th- the Glasgow show already took place on the 9th- and this should tie in neatly with those rock and roll purists drawn to the darker side of things. Renowned for working with Alex Chilton, cream of the Memphis underground and hung with the Cramps during the making of their debut album Songs the Lord Taught Us. All this and the likely possibility of his partner joining him onstage to perform some tango to spice the fires up even further promise a night not to be missed.
So I suggest this week is as good as any to look out your blackest of clothes, lizard and leopard skin prints and embrace the malingering darkness of your soul whilst having your senses assaulted and enthralled by the very basic instinct of rock and roll and get down, down, down with it.

Lux Lives Valentines Day Massacre February 14th, Henry’s Cellar Bar Edinburgh.
Lux Lives in Glasgow February 15th, McChuills.
Tav Falco and the Panther Burns, Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh February 12th.

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