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For those who indulge in such frivolity I would just like to say ‘Happy Valentines Day’ and to the rest of you I simply say ‘Welcome to the weekend’. For those who want to combine both Valentines day and the weekend then I can think of no better place to start than Lux Lives at Henry’s Cellar Bar in Edinburgh tonight and at McChuills in Glasgow tomorrow. Certainly I will be there swinging my carcass around to the primal beats of the various Cramps celebratory acts on show and if this doesn’t make your weekend swing then probably your weekend ain’t got no swing!
Also happening tonight is Woodland Creatures first birthday party from 7pm onwards. In a week that an article appeared claiming Leith Walk as the best high street in Scotland-even though technically it isn’t a high street- it is fitting that this bar situated halfway down is celebrated as part of that achievement as it has done a lot in providing a bar with integrity and style for those who are seeking these things. Especially in an area which has not always been renowned for such qualities. Although I am not an ardent pub goer I have found myself in Woodland Creatures on several occasions since it opened- every time has been a most pleasurable experience- and I don’t even live in the locale.
It is not alone in the renaissance of Leith Walk however as it would appear that quite a burgeoning underground scene is occurring in the area whilst the city centre is busy pandering to tourists and stag and hen parties. It certainly says something about uptown when I body swerve the mundane offerings there and head down to Leith to catch up with some really interesting folk and worthwhile events.
Another venue which is well worth checking out this week is Summerhall and its Spring shows. Lat week saw the opening of this event and Colin Jarvie’s In Praise of Shadows retrospective which turned out to be a great night where anyone who was anyone involved in creating a youthful vibrant scene in Edinburgh, so many years ago, turned out in force looking more glamorous and healthy than many of us deserved to.
Another highlight-there are many so give yourselves a good few hours and get along there to check them all out- was definitely Kevin Williamson’s Love to Love You Baby installation which is a Donna Summer tribute and also the best dance you will have in a disco complete with strobes and flashing lights. I certainly spent the best Tuesday afternoon I have had in years there this week and I have the photos and videos to prove it. I did wonder however if there was a secret camera filming each person’s reaction whilst they were in there but I didn’t let this stop or trouble me too much. Obviously!
Things are even looking up on the television front this week with the return of ‘Line of Duty’ for a second series. I know it is yet another police drama but the interesting thing about this one is the fact it is police investigating themselves, or at least the corruption that exists in the force. From the opening sequence the tension was ratcheted up to full whilst the drama never let up and at the denouement of the first episode I was on the edge of my seat, literally gagging for more.
It is reassuring to see the BBC provide some decent drama for a change-last years ‘The Fall’ was another series of note-and something to fill the void left by the departure of Nordic Noir-such as ‘The Bridge’ and ‘The Killing’- though I still feel they need to rethink their scheduling as one hour every week is simply an outdated mode of showing dramas such as these especially in a culture of box sets. The BBC are probably the only station who have not recognised this –even ITV with its two hour ‘Midsomer Murders’ have cottoned onto this although I feel that these are often at least one hour fifty nine minutes too long- and also seem to consign their highest quality dramas to BBC2. Again, I feel they underestimate their audience and this is always a grave mistake.
Out at the cinema Dallas Buyers Club is yet another great film released so far in the early stages of 2014. Both Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto are up for nominations for their performances and, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, I think they are the most deserving of all the contenders in their categories. A full review of the film can be found here.
There has been a lot of healthy-and some not so- debating concerning the Scottish independence vote over the last week. A supposed major cog in the wheel reared its head concerning the currency debate with the three major Westminster parties saying that if Scotland does vote for independence then it will no longer allowed to use the pound as its chosen currency.
Whilst I am not in possession of the full details of the issue I must admit that it does sound suspiciously like the bullying and intimidating tactics of those who are running scared. That it comes in the week after it was announced that the ‘Yes’ vote is gaining momentum faster than the ‘No’ vote is even more suspect to me. Surely even if Scotland does vote for independence it is in the best interests of the rest of the UK to allow them to continue to use the pound as this will preserve at least some of the union they insist is so important to them. Or is it only important to them on their terms alone?
Right, if this weekend is beginning then I better make a move and try and locate that dark heart of mine in time to get Cramped later. It is also the two week countdown to the next Rammed featuring the Fini Tribe Soundsytem and this is another night which promises to be something special so clear a date for February 28th in your diaries and there will be more details about this next week.

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