Just an Observation

Whilst much of the country has been battered senseless by storms, rain and flood the east coast of Scotland has remained relatively unscathed until this last week when we were battered senseless not by the weather but by February’s never ending round of award ceremonies. Both the Baftas and the Brits had their embarrassing moments. The former had the future King high-fiving the rapper Tinie Tempah and the latter had James Corden and his particularly unfunny and irritating style of presenting not to mention a revered rock star unnecessarily intervening in the Independence Debate by exhorting us to vote No via a speech delivered in absentia by model Kate Moss in an outfit which dated from the last time he actually lived in the UK: that would be forty years ago.
Whilst it is fair to say the issue of who looked better in said outfit from Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust era was never up for debate- David won it hands down- or whether it was one of his better outfits in the first place-definitely not- it is fair to debate whether Bowie was right to offer his opinion from such a platform on a matter which many agree is none of his business. It is not as if he is going to looking for Fife on Mars is it? It certainly felt unnecessary from someone who, apart from a cocaine induced flirtation with fascism in the seventies, has remained apolitical throughout his career.
Whilst there are those who claim he is entitled to his opinion this is always something I contest. Entitlement can never just be assumed and coming from a man who fled this island as soon as the coffers started rolling in and has never returned to live here ever since I feel his sense of entitlement is something he has awarded himself. It is also one which comes from a lifetime of high living-admittedly hard worked for- in comfortable surroundings with the day to day rigours of mundane problems more than likely taken care of by staff and employees.
Perhaps from his Manhattan penthouse it seemed like a relevant bandwagon to jump on and matters were certainly fuelled by his son Duncan Jones, who has a very Scottish sounding name and did actually attend Gordonstoun so can claim his slice of entitlement, who took it upon himself to launch an aggravated attack on Alex Salmond via Twitter. Very good at pontificating and opinion offering form a distance both father and son it would seem. Perhaps he, like so many others, believes that a vote for independence is a vote for Alex Salmond: it isn’t.
Whatever the reasons for Bowie’s misplaced instructions-instructions and being told what to do by others is one thing the Scots have certainly had enough of- he somehow contrived to appear on several front pages the next day which may have been the point all along.
Despite all this I am hardly likely to start burning all my Bowie albums in a misguided form of protest and will continue to enjoy his great works as much as ever and put it down to a misinformed, misguided and indulged rock star overstretching his credibility and importance. He is hardly the first to do that now is he?
Quite a quiet weekend this week but next weekend sees Friday night host two outstanding nights which actually overlap each other. There is the latest Neu Reekie instalment with Momus and the Band of Holy Joy at Summerhall whilst down at the Voodooo Rooms the third instalment of Rammed takes place with the Fini Tribe Soundsystem guesting in what looks like will be an absolute belter of a night.
Already a buzz surrounding the event it also acts as the launch of a variety of remixes of the Fini’s ‘De Testimony’ single with a very limited edition available for purchase on the night itself. Advisable to get there early for this one-it starts at 8- as it looks like living up to its name and being totally Rammed from early doors. Here to whet your appetites is the full length video flyer for Rammed and new mix of the aforementioned Fini Tribe single for the night.

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