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Just an Observation

Well with February over it seems to be the end of the self congratulatory awards season for the already self congratulatory entertainment industry. Culminating-I stop short of saying climaxing- with the most prestigious of the lot, the Oscars, this year admittedly threw up a few well deserved winners spread across many notable films although if there was one overall winner on the night then Steve Mc Queen’s ’12 Years A Slave’ probably reigned supreme.
The real winners for me however were Matthew Mc Conaughey and Jared Leto for, respectively, their roles as leading and supporting actor for ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ in two totally outstanding performances- Leto in particular gave the performance of a lifetime- in categories where they faced exceptionally strong competition especially in McConaughey’s case where Leonardo DiCaprio was snapping at his heels with his own winning performance in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. There was also the matter of that extremely self conscious selfie which must surely rate as one of the most glamorous and high octane of all time and thus hopefully encourage everyone else to give up this extremely vain and tiresome pursuit.
That was 2014’s winners however and in the interests of being one step ahead my attention has already turned to next years winners and am hoping that Wes Anderson’s latest all star extravaganza ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ will be worthy of a nomination next year. I will let you know as soon after I have seen it today as is possible.
Elsewhere on television this week the excellent BBC2 drama ‘Line of Duty’ took even more labyrinthine twists and turns with its plotlines until it has now reached the stage where I trust no one and believe everyone within the police force is now corrupt to some extent. Certainly the best thing on television at the moment it is surely a contender for winning several awards next year with Keeley Hawes as accused cop Lindsay Denton surely a runaway winner for best actress with an ambiguous performance of depth and emotion; one moment eliciting feelings of contempt the next winning our sympathies. It is definitely a bench mark performance and one that won’t be easily beaten.
Police corruption is certainly a theme very much of the moment with further revelations in the Stephen Lawrence case. My thoughts go out to his family who after more than twenty years are still unable to find any closure regarding his death. It seems the system is failing him in death as much as it did in his too short life.
This week I also attended the Goldfrapp event at the Cameo though inexplicably it was also taking place simultaneously at other venues around the city. Personally I feel it would have been better to concentrate the whole audience into one venue thus creating more of an event or ‘happening’ rather than spreading it around with sparser sprinklings. I am not convinced that Goldfrapp’s stature warrants several venues around a city as small as Edinburgh.
This is a minor complaint though as the show itself- a specially made film for new album ‘Tales of Us’ followed by a synced in live performance which was shown globally- was outstanding. The band’s performance and Alison Goldfrapp’s vocals were virtually pitch perfect and her talent as a live performer remains undisputed. Definitely an advert for the ‘less is more’ campaign there is no need for overt visual dynamics when charisma, style and class are all you need to carry a show.
Things to look out for in the coming weeks include an end of month gig at the Leith Franklin Rock’N’ Roll Club headlined by The Bonnevilles and featuring Geek Maggot Bingo supporting. I have been informed this is one not to miss so I intend not to. More details closer to the time.
This weekend however I intend to enjoy the first fruits of spring and try to avoid the inevitable weekend hangover as I favour a more restrained approach than usual. That is the plan but somehow I never quite manage to adhere to those!
Here to ease into the weekend is a song ‘Clay’ based on a love letter between two Second World War soldiers by Goldfrapp which was a highlight of Tuesday’s show.