Just an Observation

It has been a sad week for integrity, honesty and forthright attitudes regarding democracy and fairness. The deaths of Tony Benn and Bob Crow mean that there are two less people in the corrupt system of British politics prepared to fight for what is right whilst talking absolute sense in an environment where gaining votes and support outweighs everything else including-on occasion especially- the concerns of the general public.
Whilst Bob Crow was a relatively young man-only 52- at the time of his passing he still managed to cram enough into his life to make him an admired figure and give the trade unions he represented some kudos and clout in a society which is generally scared to stand up for itself against a hard hitting regime which aims to keep people in their assigned place.
Tony Benn however is a fully fledged legend whose name has been familiar to me throughout my life. Renouncing a peerage simply so he could remain in the House of Commons and a member of the Labour party when that still meant something other than being Tory copyists he always stood up for what he believed in and believed to be right. This is something the new breed of self elected Westminster habitués could learn well from although obviously haven’t. An interesting speaker, whatever the subject, Benn’s natural charisma always shone through and he will be remembered in a reverent way that the likes of the insipid Nick Clegg-who sold his and his parties beliefs down the river for a place in government- or the repugnant George Osborne ever could hope for. Bob Crow and Tony Benn are two gentlemen who deserve to be remembered for what they attempted to do for others rather than for themselves. Respect is due.
Elsewhere this week the cinema scene is still flourishing following the Oscars. Usually after all the awards have been handed out there is a slight hiatus and milking of the winners and nominees before the theatres are swamped by the summer blockbusters. This year however the new Wes Anderson film, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ provides a worthy trip to the cinema as does the gay, erotic- at points overtly explicit- thriller ‘Strangers by the Lake’ and the re-release of a new digital print of ‘The Godfather Part Two’ which trounces all this years pretenders and award winners as the superior piece of movie making it is and always has been. At nearly three and a half hours long Francis Ford Coppola’s vision remains intact and not once during its duration does it falter or drag. In many ways it even supersedes its predecessor in terms of its vision and execution. It is simply an outstanding piece of cinema that if you have the opportunity to catch then I suggest that you do.
Out today is Jonathan Glazer’s ‘Under the Skin’ set in Glasgow and starring Scarlett Johansson as an erotic, sexy full blooded alien abducting men then stripping them of their humanity. From the trailers it all looks very promising and a review will go up over the weekend as soon as it has been viewed.
This Monday, March 17TH, sees the release of the first Opium Kitchen single ‘We Will Be/ Hommagination’. I have spent the last month or so listening to this single continually and love it as much now as I did then. I am hoping to announce an Edinburgh appearance at some point in the near future but until then these two tracks will continue to whet the appetites as it propels itself along sounding vaguely reminiscent of so many other things but somehow managing to sound totally original and like no-one else at the same time. Go on treat yourselves to a slice of relevant, dark and dirty rock and roll which shows that age is no barrier to an attitude which has no boundaries.
Here is the video for ‘We Will Be’ to be played at maximum volume!

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