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Rammed 4

The fog which seems to have been hanging round most of this week seems to be settling in for the weekend which is quite fitting as after this weekends round of activities I expect/hope my head will be a foggy mess. To counteract this I am hoping for some of the sunshine which has made an intermittent but welcome appearance will return to alleviate this, hopefully assuaging my aching head and tired feet.
First up on the weekends round of events is Neu Reekie which makes a welcome return, getting back into the saddle at Summerhall, after a successful sabbatical in New York last month where they wowed the Big Apple with their insouciant charms. Tonight’s outing features a celebration of Tom Mc Grath- including readings by Cora Bissett, Ron Butlin and Calum Roger- Bird and Salena Godden. Headlining tonight’s show are the wonderful Merrylees who also have their second single released on the Neu Reekie record label-that pesky duo get in everywhere these days it would seem- at the end of next month. More details about the single launch at the Liquid Rooms will be announced nearer the time.
Tomorrow night sees the return of club night Rammed at the Voodoo Rooms and after a riotous, debauched outing in February –there is substantial photo evidence revealing as much- with outstanding sets from residents The Baron and Oli Findlay augmented by the Fini Tribe Sound System for a night many there agreed was the best clubbing night in Edinburgh for years.
Hoping to replicate this atmosphere –though I hasten to add not merely repeat it- the Rammed DJ’S guarantee just as good a night this time round and there is also the matter of a secret private part for regulars in May. Doors open at 8 and at only a fiver to get in this makes Rammed good value as well as a great night out. Get yourselves there!
There is also a prefect comedown recovery session, Heavy Nova, hosted by the Baron and his glamorous assistant the luscious Rachel on Sunday in Wooodland Creatures from 3pm onwards.
It would seem that elsewhere on the clubbing scene reunions are the big business of the day. With both Mingin’ and Taste announcing dates in May and July respectively-Joys one off reunion last year seems to have manifested itself into another this September although I am sure this is not financially motivated at all- it makes me wonder just how bad the clubbing scene has got if a trip down memory lane is what it seems to take to tempt people out these days. Living in the past is anathema to me personally but I do understand it needs to be acknowledged.
Surely this way of thinking is the antithesis of what clubbing is all about i.e. meeting new people and exchanging new ideas, concepts and forming new relationships where these things all co-exist. I admit I am tempted by the Taste night- I never went to Mingin’ so it is of no interest to me- as I was actually one of the few who was there on its opening night. In fact if I remember rightly the first three were relatively quiet affairs before it exploded into the phenomena it became. It was also one of the few clubs I could put aside for a year at a time and then return to like an old friend.
My main worry is however that it will be so busy I will merely spend the whole night being herded about having to exchange and endure sweaty greetings with people I barely recognise. One thing is for sure the atmosphere will be amazing as this is one thing that Taste always managed to elicit. One more thing however; has it really been twenty years?
Live music is also on the up in Edinburgh and May 27th sees the legendary Kid Congo Powers and his Pink Monkey Birds at the Voodoo Rooms. A member of both the Cramps and the Gun Club –two bands who were among the handful making the eighties bearable whilst the rest wallowed in a quagmire of sterility and pomp- his credentials are impeccable and this new band are apparently no slouches in their own right. Support is by The Phlegm and an interesting new band, The Trama Dolls, who will be making their much talked about debut at this gig but at the moment are sequestered in a bunker making sure their set is as ‘tight as gnat’s twat’! More details to follow about this night nearer the time. Until then have a good weekend and here’s hoping the fog clears soon; it makes hair care a nightmare!

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