Just an Observation

Just an Observation

The worrying news this morning about UKIP gaining the most seats in the European Elections confirmed all my-along with many others- worst fears. These are indeed worrying times we live in and the normalisation of such a right wing party combined with the sheep herding mentality of a vast proportion of our population signifies that things may be about to get a whole lot worse.
In Scotland the most frightening news-apart from the fact we now have one UKIP MEP- however is that only 34% of the population bothered to vote. This is no time for complacency as the results down south have proved with their alarming results. Never has voting been so important and I can say this from first hand experience as I have never had much interest or belief in politics but after 2010’s General Election, when I was prevented from voting due to circumstances outside my control, and knew as soon as the coalition elected themselves into power that disaster was looming. Having grown up in the Thatcher eighties I know how bad things can get but somehow I thought this was the harbinger of something worse and possibly even more frightening. I was right!
Sincerely I hope this complacency will not afflict those same people who didn’t bother to vote come September in the Independence race unless they are happy for things to slip further and further to the right whilst we remain tied to a Westminster government which is on a collision course in that very direction. If the results of these elections indicate anything it is that only by voting can this situation be reversed, otherwise I can only assume those who didn’t vote are happy with how things are or simple just don’t care. Either way these conclusions are both equally worrying.
On a lighter note and moving in a more musical direction it would seem there is quite a buzz about a new Edinburgh band The Trama Dolls. Having only formed six weeks ago and with minimal skills at their deployment they have somehow managed to land the prestigious support slot at the Kid Congo Powers gig at the Voodoo Rooms on Tuesday the 27th. Although it was likely that this was going to be a busy gig anyway-I am a huge fan of his two previous bands, the Gun Club and The Cramps- the announcement that The Trama Dolls were playing certainly caused a noticeable flurry on ticket sales, with it now sold out alongside talk of it being the ‘must be there’ event of the season.
Sequestered away in a bunker at a top secret location with no-one allowed to hear a note of their music The Trama Dolls perhaps could be the shot in the arm-or cure all pill- for the complacency and sheer drudgery which has infected the music scene, as well as politics, at the moment. I watched Jools Holland’s Later on Friday night and was shocked at the turgid and mundane quality of his acts.
Seriously is this the best there is to offer?
He is another one who needs pensioned off and replaced with someone who doesn’t just keep putting his mates-and their offspring- on. The only beacon of light in the whole debacle was Chrissie Hynde who, aside form looking fantastic, was more exciting, relevant and exuded more attitude ten seconds into her spoken interview than the rest of the acts could muster up in their combined timeslots. Again this is a sorry state of affairs and one The Trama Dolls are setting out to rectify. Although this gig is sold out they are doing another on Friday the 30th at a venue still to be announced.
There is also another gig on this week at The Leith Franklin Cricket Club-Friday 30th- with Space Siren and The Fatalists plus a mystery band still to be announced. Just a heads up that you might also want to be at this one!
The other support act The Phlegm, an Edinburgh rockabilly styled three piece, are also no slouches and should be well worth catching but let us not forget the headliner himself, Mr. Kid Congo Powers.
Having spent the majority of the eighties zigzagging between the Gun Club and The Cramps –being a very vital component in both- he now fronts his own band The Pink Monkey Birds. Having heard only their recorded output I must admit to being suitably impressed making this a gig definitely worth being at.
Other notable musical acts coming up in the very near future are the dark, dangerous and told what to do by no-one or anything, Opium Kitchen at the next instalment of great club night Rammed at the Voodoo Rooms on June 7th. More details on this next week. Also there is the little matter of the legendary Television performing their seminal album ‘Marquee Moon’ the following Saturday June 14th at the ABC in Glasgow. It would seem rock and roll is no longer in the hands of the kids as they don’t seem to know how to play with it!
Time to take control both musically and politically it would seem!

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