Teen Canteen – You’re Still Mine

Teen Canteen’s debut single arrived in the late autumn when their sun-drenched Scottish flavoured harmonies drizzled a bit of late sunshine into an encroaching winter as the first decent summer Scotland had experienced in several years disappeared from view.
Their second single ‘You’re Still Mine’ due for release this week arrives just as temperatures are on the rise although being Scotland the weather still remains erratic but whether it rains, hails or batters you senseless with gusting winds the Beach Girl harmonies, throbbing bass lines and charging melodies will automatically provide your day with essential sunshine rays that the weather is not always able to provide.
A step forward from their debut it is less instantaneous but has a growing power that will lodge itself in your psyche in an extremely pleasant manner. To paraphrase the lyrics it isn’t asking you to love it but instead asking you why you don’t. After several listens this is a question you will be asking yourself.
Produced by Found member Lomond Campbell and like its predecessor arrives courtesy of Edinburgh arts collective Neu! Reekie and their independent record label. Backed by the more melancholic and pensive ‘Vagabond’ –remember B- Sides and when they still mattered? Well, this lot do! – which is a paean to a cold hearted, warm handed, skinny jean clad would be lover with a reluctance to commit. It is a melting heart of a song which drips with frustration and angst.
Released via the –now- traditional digital download there is also a collector’s edition of only 300 copies in frosted clear 7” vinyl which already is close to selling out via pre-orders. The launch for the single takes place on Saturday 14th at Henry’s Cellar bar with a supporting cast of The Just Joans and The Jennas. Get yourself along if you are in town as this will definitely be a night to remember and as the single ascends its way up the charts and into your hearts you will have the privilege of saying you were there for the birth!
‘you’re Still Mine’ is released in a limited edition 7″ frosted clear vinyl on Monday 16th June on Neu!Reekie records and via digital download.
Details of the launch party can be found by clicking on the following link https://www.facebook.com/events/555960127852992/?ref=ts&fref=ts
Teen Canteen on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TeenCanteen?ref=ts&fref=ts
The Teen Canteen website http://www.teencanteen.co.uk/

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