Just an Observation

A bit of a bumper weekend lies ahead this weekend with a cornucopia of delights at your disposal for your delectation in our-hopefully- fair capital. Leith Festival- always more impressive and less self conscious than its predecessor in the Meadows- is on although I am hoping the rain lashing down outside at the moment is merely a temporary blip but, if not, there is always the consolation that at least at this time of year the rain is a little warmer than its winter counterpart.
To kick the weekend into gear however those pesky Neu! Reekie boys are back with their travelling road-show stopping off at the National Galleries of Scotland with their Neu Reekie Does Titian event. Not sure exactly what this entails and unsure as to the final line up but I am sure the opulent surroundings will provide something worthwhile to soak up in their own right. As far as I can make out Hollie McNeish, Tam Dean Burn and JD Twitch are on the bill but there is also a host of surprises promised so it should be a splendid night all round.
Barely pausing for breath the indefatigable duo and their Neu Reekie records are launching the new Teen Canteen single, ‘You’re Still Mine’, tomorrow at Henry’s Cellar Bar. An enticing slab of sunshine with Scottish accents, a full review of the single and details of the launch can be found here.
At the other end of town in the Parlour the excellent Spectorbullets are playing the first of two free shows of the weekend. Tied into the Leith Festival, I wish I could make this as it seems as if already it is an event which is attracting a good crowd but unfortunately I have a prior commitment which prevents me from attending.
However there is a follow up show on Sunday at the Safari Lounge where rumour has it they may even be joined by The Trama Dolls for a mini set- although I can neither confirm or deny this- but you might want to make your way along anyway for what is bound to be another highlight in an already great weekend!
The prior commitment preventing me from attending the Saturday gig will see me venturing through to the west coast to see the mighty Television perform their perennial classic ‘Marquee Moon’ album. Released in 1977, the year punk broke out of its straining leash; it is one of only a handful of albums from that great year when the single reigned supreme. Others include the four Bowie/ Iggy collaborations and the Sex Pistols blistering debut and final calling card rolled into one ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’. Like the aforementioned never since its time of release however has ‘Marquee Moon’ ever sounded anything other than fresh, relevant and totally vital whilst its influence is undeniable and although Richard Lloyd is no longer with us this show is definitely one not be missed.
So, that is the next few days sorted then. Here’s hoping the weather stays dry- I don’t hold out much hope for my trek through to Glasgow as every time I am there it pelts down- and the Leith Festival goes smoothly without turning into a mud bath. Then there is Sunday in the Safari Lounge to bid farewell to what looks like being a memorable weekend.Then next week sees the return of the Film Festival, so plenty to keep yourselves busy with!

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