Hardkor Disco

This Polish outing is an intriguing, constantly compelling and intelligent film which feels no need to over explain itself and leaves any conclusions which can be drawn to be made up in each individual viewer’s own mind. This is an extremely effective tactic by director Krysztof Skonieczny as it means the film actually stays in your consciousness long after the credits have rolled.
Beginning with the mysterious Marcin- a brilliantly malevolent and unsettling performance from Marcin Kowalczyk- arriving at the front door of a successful middle-aged couple but encounters their beautiful daughter Ola instead.
Never revealing why he is looking for her parents he follows her and insinuates his way into her company and later, that very same evening, her bed. Using this as a means of inveigling himself with her parents it soon becomes blatantly clear that he has only one objective in his sights and that is that he wants to kill the couple. Whatever the reasons for his ire are never made clear-is he a professional hit-man, terrorist with axe to grind or does he have his own personal grievance?- to the audience and each scene with him alone first with her father then later with her mother is fraught with tension and an unawareness of what might happen next.
To this end even the most mundane moments, such as an innocuous moment of sharing a cigarette on the balcony of the family home with the mother, are suddenly dangerous situations which become dramatic flourishes in an already brooding film.
Throughout Kowalczyk is menacing and it is obviously his character’s moody persona which incidentally the two females-mother and daughter- find wholly irresistible but one thing is clear and that is that nothing will prevent him from carrying out his original intentions.
A thoroughly absorbing film which holds the viewers attention throughout and beyond Hardkor Disco is a film which lives up to its initial promise and carries itself throughout. By leaving the audience in the dark considering its central character’s motives and then the outcome of his actions is a brave move especially in a medium where a clear and concise narrative is par for the course. By avoiding this cliché the film is a brave attempt at creating a suspense movie which actually leaves its audience in suspense and is all the better for it.

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