Martin Metcalfe and The Fornicators

Getting the notoriously fickle folk out of Edinburgh out on a Sunday night is no mean achievement, so from the moment I entered the packed ballroom of the Voodoo Rooms I was pleased to see that not only was the venue packed but there was also a great atmosphere to help things along the way.
Expectations were high and when Metcalfe took to the stage with his trusty band of cohorts and launched into a storming version of the Jacques Brel classic ‘Amsterdam’ expectations were met and the night was off to a great start. The visuals playing out on the backdrop more than adequately complemented the musical treats on offer and Metcalfe, whose voice is as strong as ever and in fact seems to have acquired added timbres lending extra emotional impact, rampaged through a set rooted in acoustics with an electric appeal. Rummaging through an impressive back catalogue drawing on numbers from both his Mackenzie and Angelfish days the hour long set captured emotional tension with musical gravitas.
Impressive moments-‘Amsterdam’ aside, which luckily was not him peaking too soon- included ‘Mummy Can’t Drive’, an impressive number about Deacon Brodie and an encore of ‘Goodwill City’. My personal favourites were ‘The Rattler’ anmd especially ‘Now We Are Married’ which was nowhere as big a hit as it should have been and took on a poignant realisation which only comes from experience and life.
Towards the end of the set he was joined onstage by old band-mate and close friend Paul Hullah who was suffering from slight ‘nervous exhaustion’ or may have been suffering from ‘inebriated jetlag’, having had a stopover in Istanbul a few days ago. It was a relaxed moment which could have strayed into shambolic territory but somehow redeemed itself and was in my opinion quietly brilliant as it showed that technical capability means nothing when those onstage are actually enjoying themselves.
All in all this was a great gig and showed that Metcalfe is still relevant and able to hold an audience’s attention. As for getting a full house on a Sunday night in Edinburgh, that is a success in itself!

    • Valerie Thornton Hunter
    • June 30th, 2014

    Nice review of a great gig…. you silver tongued devil!

    • Tony Gaughan
    • July 3rd, 2014

    Fantastic night ,well done the good people of Edinburgh for supporting a local artist in numbers and the children of the filthy for showing up from far and wide a really special night!

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