Just An Observation

Edinburgh seems to be rubbing its sleepy eyes open after a relatively quiet few weeks in the capital. The Fringe is hovering into view with each spare corner and cubicle noticeably taking shape in their August guise as makeshift venues. Not had time to peruse the Fringe programme thoroughly but marked down as must sees already are ‘I Was A Teenage Sex Pistol’ featuring Glen Matlock recounting what it was like to be part of the inner circle of one of the greatest cultural shifts in recent history-who would ever have thought a musical movement generated by youths taking their own destinies in hand would have such longevity with even museum shelves straining with the weight of tomes about punk- as well as a show about Quentin Crisp, another shape shifter whose importance is still felt, and a show about the agent provocateur of the media , loathe her or despise her, Julie Burchill. As yet these are the only three shows I have earmarked as essential viewing but no doubt a lengthier perusal of the Fringe catalogue will reveal several others.
This weekend however sees Edinburgh favourites Neu Reekie heading west for their summer sizzler at Platform Glasgow on Saturday the 19th. This should be a belter of a show with The Pastels providing the live music alongside Rachel Maclean, Jackie Kay and the legend that is Jock Scot, as well as that pesky duo Kevin Williamson and Michael Pedersen. Definitely worth the journey through I would say and one that os highly recommended.
Sunday night sees another legend performing at Edinburgh Castle:Mr. Tom Jones! Really looking forward to this as and I have warned my female companion on the night that knicker throwing is totally out of bounds and inappropriate in the Royal Box. Not that this likely to stop her however!
Out at the cinema this weekend is a documentary about a legend of a totally different kind, Divine, which is also a must see although I fear it will be Monday before I can take this in. Personally I can’t believe that it has taken so long for a film about Divine to be made as he has been huge in cult circles since he exploded onto the scene in the early seventies and his reputation has not diminished since his untimely death in 1988.
That is this weekend sorted then and to kick it all into gear tonight is a birthday gathering for one of my oldest-quite literally- friends at the ever popular Edinburgh hangout the City Café.

  1. Wow! Sadie, you have excelled yourself with all your recommendations this time – they all sound fabulous – the Divine film in particular tickles my fancy… and shall look out on Sunday for Mr Jones popping into Iconic before his gig… get reading your Fringe programme and give us your divine inspiration…. what flat art things are on?

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